October 8, 2013

Heimlich Saves a Life


Scott: Have you ever been in a situation where quick thinking could mean the difference between life and death? Well, Demetrius Pipkin has the story of one teen and a childhood lesson that came to the rescue. Take a look.

Demetrius: It was just another day at her Indianapolis school. Sophomore Olivia Rigney was trying to enjoy her lunch with her friends when a piece of bread got lodged in her throat.

Olivia Rigney: I went to take a breath and I couldn’t, and I started to panic.

Corey Boles: She started to do the hand gesture. And so I was like, ‘ok, this is serious.’

Demetrius: Nearby classmates saw the commotion and called for help.

Andy Close: I was freaking out. So I started yelling at the teacher who was standing by the cafeteria door. And I was yelling. I was like, ‘Hey, she’s choking! She needs your help!’

Michael Gruby: I started to run to get someone but then I realized that, ‘hey, someone needs to perform the Heimlich.’ So I started shouting, ‘Does anybody know the Heimlich?’

Demetrius: The Heimlich maneuver forces air from the lungs up through the windpipe and pushes out any food or foreign objects that could be stuck in the mouth or the throat. But if done incorrectly, could end up hurting someone.

So in most cities, community health centers offer free classes to teach the technique to help to reduce the nearly 5,000 deaths a year that are a result from choking.

Luckily for Olivia, somebody did know how to do it. High school senior Corey Boles got up, moved behind Olivia and grabbed her. Using the steps he remembered from a poster in the second grade, he attempted the Heimlich maneuver. And it worked. She coughed up the bread.

Andy: If Corey wasn’t there, I don’t know what would have happened.

Michael: It was pretty amazing that something like that could happen and he saved her. It was pretty hectic.

Demetrius: Corey isn’t quite sure how he remembered that Heimlich poster from so long ago, but Olivia says she is just glad he did.

Olivia: He’s a great friend. I’m so thankful.

Demetrius: Demetrius Pipkin, Channel One News.


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