Hitch Your Hoop Here

by Karen Knapstein
Ever have a group of friends, a ball and a game of H.O.R.S.E. on the brain, but there’s no hoop in sight? Have we got a solution for you. Check out the Hoop Hitch, a portable basketball hoop and backboard that you can attach to a truck or SUV. 
Invented by two teachers who had an Aha! moment when headed to a campsite with no hoop of its own, the Hoop Hitch has lots of options for customization — you can even order a special net to protect your bumpers if you’re worried about scratching the paint. (But who cares about a little dent when you’re having this much fun?) 
Will trucks all over town will be sporting their own hoops — with a team in tow? Tell us if the Hoop Hitch is Next Big Thing! 

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