Hold on to your Hoodie

by Karen Knapstein

How many pairs of headphones have you lost in your life? Maybe if those ubiquitous little ear buds were just a bit bigger they might not be so easy to lose track of — or if they were attached to your favorite sweatshirt, like the mittens you wore when you were little, you might not always be digging around in random drawers for headphones on the way to the bus. 

Enter the Hoodiebuddie, the hoodie with headphones built into the hood drawstrings. You just plug in your music player and you’re good to go. It’s even machine washable, which will make your mom happy. There are lots of styles and they all cost less than $50 — so what’s not to love? Even Betty White is in on the action! 

The sound. Some people are worried about quality, so for hard-core audiophiles, these might not be a hit, but for everyone else, they might just be the Next Big Thing. 

But the verdict is still out until you tell us what you think — vote in the poll now to tell us if this is going on your ‘must have’ list or if you’re going to take a pass. 

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