Holiday Shopping


You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two popular shopping days where gift prices in the store and online are very low. Well, this year, consumers are spending more time shopping online with deals throughout the holiday season. Some are even turning to their smartphones to find the best priced items with good reviews from other customers.

Many consider Black Friday an American tradition and unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Since the 60′s eager shoppers have crowded into stores to battle for gift items retailers sell for a low price and a big profit. The name “Black Friday” relates to the “black” margin of profits they receive the day after Thanksgiving.

This year, companies are having sales online, so shoppers can avoid the crowds. Some are even posting sales on Thanksgiving instead of the day after for the first time. Check out the videos and leave a comment below telling us where you prefer to do your shopping!



Black Friday sales online offer price cuts without crowds


Jessica Kumari shows how to shop for and give green gifts.

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