October 1, 2012

Homecoming Queen Overcomes


Scott: When Whitney Kropp first found out she was nominated for the sophomore homecoming court at Ogemaw Heights High School, she was so excited. Then, she found out it was a cruel prank. Whitney was devastated and says she even thought about suicide.

But her friends rallied behind her and created this support Whitney Facebook page. It got over 120,000 likes and attention from around the world.

Alli Halladay: I think it’s awful what happened to her and we just want to let her know that there are people here for her.

Scott: The community chipped in to get Whitney a new haircut and dress — all for the big dance.

More than a thousand people were in the stands to cheer her on at Friday’s big game and holding signs that they were bullied too.

The opposing football team even showed their support, wearing orange bands – Whitney’s favorite color.

Whitney: I’m surprised that the team that we are going against is actually supporting me. It’s…wow, that’s overwhelming. Seriously, I have no words for this right now.

Scott: She may not have won the homecoming crown but looking good was the best revenge.

Whitney: The kids that are bullying you, do not let them bring you down. Stand up for what you believe in. And go with your heart and go with your gut. That’s what I did, and look at me now. I’m just as happy as can be.

Scott Evans, Channel One News.


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