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September 23, 2013

House Party Cleanup


Shelby: So, let me get this straight. A bunch of teens trashed a former NFL player’s house, and then he invited them back?

Scott: Yeah, but it is not quite like it sounds. He called them back to take responsibility for their actions. Take a look.

Teens broke into this upscale home in Stephentown, New York and threw a party while the family that lives there was away on vacation. Fifteen-year-old Michaela Byrnes was there that night.

Michaela Byrnes: It was crazy. There were so many people. It was body to body. You couldn’t go through the house without running into someone.

Scott: The pics were all over Twitter. And that is how they got caught.

Brian Holloway, Sr.: Brian tweeted me and texted me and said, ‘Dad there’s something going on at the house. We have a situation.’

Scott: Brian Holloway is a former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots and the L.A. Raiders. He was in Florida Labor Day weekend when his son got word that there was a rager going on at the family home in upstate New York.

Holloway: And at first I thought it was a joke. I thought he was pranking me.

Scott: That is until he went online and saw the posts about party on Twitter, even as the police came to break it up.

Holloway: And so, I’m watching these tweets and listening to them saying, ‘What a great party!’ And they’re tweeting all this stuff. So, I’m watching this thing as a movie and I’m going, ‘you got to be kidding me.’

Scott: He says the place was a wreck.

Holloway: They punched holes in the wall and they kicked holes in the wall over there.

Scott: Broken windows and doors, ruined carpets, graffiti, trash everywhere. Holloway says it is about $30,000 worth of damage.

Holloway: I blew right past furious to being just in a state of shock.

Scott: He took his efforts online and created this website, Help Me Save 300, where he offered his own invite to help clean up the mess they made.

Holloway: What’s damaged can be replaced. What’s stolen can be returned. Thing is, what are we going to do about these 300 kids? How did they get this far? How did this make sense? And how do we get back on the right track?

Scott: He wasn’t sure who would take him up on his offer. A rumor had spread that anyone who showed up would be arrested. But he was hoping for more than this. Out of the 300 teens who partied here, only three showed up to clean the mess.

Holloway: I can’t even wrap my head around it.

Scott: Michaela was one of those teens. She says she didn’t know she and the other partiers were trespassing. But when she found out, she immediately apologized to Holloway.

Michaela: I felt guilty. I just wanted to clear my conscious a little bit.

Scott: Police are still reviewing the case and say there may be arrests made.

Some of the parents are actually threatening to sue Holloway because he used pictures on his website that teens posted to Twitter from the party.

Shelby: Wow! Thanks, Scott.


5 comments on “House Party Cleanup

  1. Anwesa B.

    I think that the website was called “Help Me Save 300,” because, the 300 teens involved had created the mess and they needed to SAVE his house by cleaning it up.

  2. 2013-9-23-Ian-Houghs

    I think it was called save 300 is because 300 student were involved and Halloway is giving them a second chance;/saving them from the path their choosing.


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