Karen Knapstein
November 10, 2013

How to Help the Philippines


On Friday, a typhoon called Haiyan struck the eastern coast of the Philippines, an island nation in the western Pacific ocean.

The storm was devastating. There are estimates of sustained 195 mile per hour winds, making it the strongest storm ever to make landfall for as long as records have been kept. Officials say as many as 10,000 people were killed.

If you want to help those in need in the aftermath of the storm, here are places you can get started. We’ll update this list as more information becomes available.

Representatives from Save the Children are already on the ground in the country, working from Manila, and Doctors Without Borders is always a reliable resource for good around the world.

ShelterBox provides shelter and supplies to families who are displaced or homeless after a disaster.

The Philippine Red Cross is set up to support those affected by the storm.

CARE is delivering food and water, as well as providing shelter, to survivors.

The World Food Program is working to solve hunger issues around the world, and is providing support to those affected by Haiyan.

And as always, you can double check your charity at Charity Navigator. They got a round up of already vetted places to donate to Haiyan right here.


Have you ever seen something on Channel One and wondered how you could be a ...

31 comments on “How to Help the Philippines

    1. jahnee green

      u r so mean u shouldn’t do that u should feel bad not funny how would you feel if u have a story that people died in ur country u wouldn’t like that if people laughed at ur story and comment saying” this is so funny”

    2. anon.

      you wouldn’t think that’s its funny if it was you that didn’t have any food or water. Or even a home. You need to think about what your saying because that could have been you.

  1. Brianna-Forsythe

    I do not see why or how a person could find so many people dying and losing everything that they love humorous. I think we should get non perishable items, clothes, toys, and other things that they might need and send it to the Filipino people.

  2. Kennedyphipps

    My aunt was there picking up her mom when the storm came! We haven’t heard anything from them yet and are scared that her and her family are hurt or injured!!

  3. bryden

    By helping the Philippines we should send some volunteer over there to help them because they can have more people found.

  4. Jeremiah

    I feel really bad that this happened the all of those innocent Children and Adults out there having to go through all this and see their friends and family lying on the streets. I think we should do anything in our power to help these poor people… (Most concerns sent your peoples way) D:

  5. kaylin mullins

    i think a good way to help is to pay for all of their things they lost,some examples are their
    houses,kids,parent,and all their familys,. if that happened to my country i would want anybody to help even if they are our enemies.

  6. Emily Dunlap-Dunlap

    I am thinking of starting a fundraiser for the people struggling through this mess.
    The company would give a lot of money to the people in the Phillipenes.

  7. Zoie

    Is there any way to send the supplies so far! It would cost so much so if u r only a kid trying to help then how could u pay to send it ?:/

  8. Nicholas-Norman

    We should take action and send more volunteers from all over the world or any where to help them. They need our help and we should be giving them water,food,shelter,etc. They haven’t found others yet due to not many people looking they need at least 200+ Volunteers and The Philippines would really appreciate it if we had more people come. #StayStrongPhillipenes

  9. lil

    I think that this typhoon will show people not to take things for granted because we could blink and everything we have could be gone. Its sad to think that there are people who don’t know if their gonna make it, but this could be a real eye opener for some people.

  10. Aubrey Avise

    I feel really bad about these people. If i could i would help out as much as possible.

    Channel one news team please post this on the show on 11/15/13. My teacher will be really suprised because not meany of the students at my school visit channel but is foreced to watched it every day in there class period. I love channel one <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  11. Mr. White

    My 6th grade World History students were so moved by the reports on the typhoon in the Philippines that they wanted to help in some way. We contacted our local chapter of the American Red Cross who has a fund set up for relief in the Philippines and raised over $450 in one day with a hat day at our school. Yesterday, the students went from classroom to classroom and talked to the classes about the disaster and encouraged them to help by wearing a hat and donating a $1.00 to the cause. Today, the 6th graders greeted the students at the door and collected their donations – many of which were more than a $1.00. One parent even wrote a note about living in the Philippines for a while and how this touched her. The kids are thrilled that this small amount will be going to help the people who are so far away but have touched our hearts through Channel One News.

  12. kaylynn.s

    We should stay strong and take action and send more volunteers from all over the world or any where to help them. =) #stay strong and help.

  13. vintia-hampton

    im 13 an im from PA I go to goode school we watch channel one news everyday…I feel bad about what happen this storm….I just wanna be apart of helping them…<3 but how? is their a way? I really don't know?,,,I REALLY WANNA HELP OUT

  14. Allison

    I think all schools should help donate canned or packed food to help the Philippines. And give away maybe a blanket or two to support them during this natural disaster…

  15. Jacob Hinson

    I agree Tatyanna. we need to make a big idea. we need to fix this.people who think this is funny need to put themselves in phillapeans place. what ifn that happened to me? would you think it was funny if you lived in a 4ft x 5ft box ,so hungy that youy could see your ribs two inches? how many do you think are dead from heart break after seeing family members being dead? there is nothing funny about this grace. being mean does not make you cool. its your respect and faith for others and yourself that makes you cool. my dad would beat me with a traffic cone if i said that. my preacher came back from there last week. all 7,259 kids he spoke to may have fallen in this tragic event. i imagin that he is crying his eyes ou for all of these people. you may not be an adult but all of us can make a change. even if it statrs wuth picking up a pencil. hearing this made my jaw drop! AND ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS “THIS IS FUNNY.”???? how do you live with a heart like that? right now i am only thirteen but i decree that i will go and help those in need before 2016.let god be with all of you. pllease help these in need.



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