How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse


If you’ve paid attention to pop culture at all in the last few years you know that zombies are quite the trend.

It started in the media with a slew of zombie flicks and fiction with various zomb-ologies (fast vs. slow, dark vs. light, etc.) and moved on to at least one very popular TV show and video game before hitting the Centers for Disease Control. They got in on the act by releasing a guide to Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness as a way to encourage people to be prepared for any kind of emergency.

And then there’s this.

Run for Your Lives is a “zombie infested 5k obstacle course” that’s been hosting races around the country for about a year — the goal is to have fun, but they also donate to the Red Cross.

If the zombie-mania hasn’t quite reached you yet, you might be wondering what the fuss is about. Watch the video below for a look at the madness, and then click through the slideshow to get our best advice for survival in case you’re ever faced with a real-live-fake zombie, or maybe just high school.

Bonus: Check out the behind-the-scenes look at how Scott Evans went from alive…to undead.


According to at least one zombie movie, the first rule of zombie survival is cardio.

Take that to heart, and your actual heart will thank you, as will the rest of your body. So hit up a local 5k!


If you're going to wait it out in a shelter somewhere, make sure you have an emergency kit ready to go.

The CDC agrees with this one. They've even written a graphic novella about it.

That said, if you've misplaced your emergency kit and are looking for a hideout, we can't recommend your average big box store or shopping mall enough.


No matter which way you choose to survive, it's always good to have a friend on your side.

You've probably heard that teaming up with a friend for regular workouts will encourage you to keep on that health kick. Plus, the best defense against bullying is a group.

After all, what's a zombie but a big bully who's only interested in your brains?


If there's one thing we've learned, it's that eating your veggies is generally good advice. And when the world is taken over by zombies, global food supplies probably aren't going to be what they once were.

Start a garden now so you'll be prepared when the time comes. Have you noticed a trend? All of these tips are great ways to make your life better now -- not just in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Which is maybe the reason everyone has gone mad for zombies in the first place.


Scott Evans ran for it at a very special 5k this weekend.


Watch as Scott Evans goes from undead.


I had only heard tales of a "Zombie Infested 5k." Never did I think the horrors ...

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