Hug it Out


Let’s face it, for most people, getting a “like” or a comment on a Facebook post is an opportunity for a little good old-fashioned validation. It’s one of the reasons the site is so popular.

And now, this idea for the next big thing is taking the warm-fuzzies a step further. The Like-a-Hug vest gives you a little squeeze when someone interacts with something you’ve posted. You can even give the vest a squeeze and send a virtual hug back to the person who sent you one.

Designed by the MIT media lab and originally thought of for people in long-distance relationships, the team said connecting it to Facebook was just the natural next step. And while the idea of blowing up like a balloon when you post something super-popular is a wee bit disturbing, it might be something fun to try out.

Will you be rocking a vest like this in time for back to school next year? Or does this idea just squeeze the life out of you? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think!

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