Cassie Hudson
December 10, 2013

Human Rights Day 2013

Tip #1. Support a charity devoted to respect for human rights.

It’s International Human Rights Day! Created by the United Nations in 1950, it’s a day to recognize the Declaration of Human Rights “as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.”

This year we’re recognizing Human Rights Day by outlining different ways for YOU to get involved in the human rights movement by joining the conversation online. Spreading awareness and education can be just as impactful as volunteering and donating to people in need.

Step 1: Pick a Cause You’re Passionate About

LGBT, women’s rights, children’s rights and the right to food are just a few human rights challenges being discussed today. What cause(s) are you passionate about? Let us know in the comments section below.

Step 2: Get Involved with Organizations Online

Here are a few of the organizations celebrating human rights and hosting conversations this week:

Step 3: Hashtag it!

People from around the world are taking part in human rights conversations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Check out what they’re saying and lend your voice to the movement through these trending hashtags:

  • #HRD2013
  • #HumanRightsDay
  • #UNrightsat20
  • #HumanRights
  • #HRDay13

Want to learn more? Check out the UN’s website for more information on Human Rights Day


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One comment on “Human Rights Day 2013

  1. Nicole Torres

    In today’s society, we as humans are given many rights. Some of the most important rights given to us are the right to an education and the right of freedom of religion. These rights are taken for granted countless times everyday. Many foreign countries neglect people of rights and dehumanize citizens daily. WE MUST acknowledge the rights we are given.


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