Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, sometimes called “Superstorm Sandy” struck the east coast on October 29th, 2012. The storm killed at least 286 people and caused $65 billion dollars of damage, and the recovery for many affected by the storm is ongoing.

Check out our complete coverage of the days after the hurricane, and the recovery, in the videos below.


Some spring-breakers are pitching in to help after superstorm Sandy.


As residents file suit over loss of power, volunteers come together to help the region.


The region damaged by the storm is welcoming help from around the country.


In the wake of Sandy, we talk to an affected family and look at the ...


The superstorm caused unprecedented damage on the East Coast.


Scott Evans reports from outside his New Jersey home, where the power is out.


When I woke up this morning after the big storm came to hang out, I ...


Editor's Note: Channel One News is produced in New York, and many of our reporters, ...


Editor's Note: Channel One News is produced in New York, and many of our reporters, ...

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