Karen Knapstein
June 12, 2012

ICYMI: Summer Edition


Even though school is out for most of you, it’s not time to turn off your brain just yet (you can do that for two weeks at the end of July). With that in mind, here’s a list of some things making news this week.

The U.S. Education Department released the stats today in an annual look at college affordability. Turns out, to the surprise of probably almost no one at all, the cost of college is up. Officially. By about 15%.

Adding to that fun financial fact, there’s more bummer economic news. As the AP puts it, “once a right of passage to adulthood, summer jobs for teens are disappearing.”

One factor in the teen unemployment rate is the desire of teens to actually want a job — many are spending time brushing up on activities that enhance their college applications instead. But for some, the jobs they’re qualified for are going to older workers who have lost higher level jobs, recent grads unable to find full-time gigs and immigrants willing to take lower-paid work.

Last up, if the news about college and the job market has you thinking of starting your own company, you’ll soon have more choices when it comes to the domain name for that company. The Internet Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is set to announce a list of proposed suffixes for web sites. Some early suggestions include “.lol,” “.secure,” and “.click.”

There you have it, our attempt at beating summer brain drain. What do you think about the headlines? Are you surprised by the tuition increase? Or are you too busy finding a summer job so you can actually pay tuition? Do you have a great idea for “dot-something?” Tell us what you think in the comments.

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