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Have you ever seen something on Channel One and wondered how you could be a part of it? Or noticed a problem in your community and thought it would be great if you could do something to solve it?

That’s what this page is all about — we’ll be sharing our favorite service projects connected to Channel One News stories and information about about other great things you can be a part of all summer (and season!) long. So what are you waiting for?

And if you’ve done something amazing in your community that you want to tell us about, leave a comment!

three students reading books together outdoor

Want to read some great books and help raise money for cancer research while you ...


Can you guess the 10 most commonly found pieces of litter on the beach? Litter on ...


Today I told you about a growing crisis on the African continent. I’m not talking ...


On today's show, Shelby Holliday told you about Stunting, or stunted growth. It's a long-term issue ...


Here on our Impact blog, we bring you different organizations and causes we come into ...

Colorful raised hands. The concept of diversity. Group of hands.

This season, we've made a special effort to encourage you to get inspired by some ...

Concern Worldwide

As you saw on the show this week, Shelby Holliday recently visited Rwanda, where an ...

What was your first job as a teenager? 

"Mowing lawns and shoveling snow for neighbors."

Look out your window. See snow? Chances are, the answer is “yes.” And while many ...


Food insecurity, the lack of access to enough food for everyone in a household, affects ...


Each year, the National Football League invites students (and anyone!) from around the country to ...


Martin Luther King Day was created in 1983, but wasn't observed in every state until ...


If part of your “New Year, New You” resolution involves cleaning out your closet — ...


It’s the holiday season! Which means food, family and lots of shopping. It’s also a ...

Tip #1. Support a charity devoted to respect for human rights.

It’s International Human Rights Day! Created by the United Nations in 1950, it’s a day ...


It's one of the world's deadliest diseases; 33 million have HIV and many more are ...


On Friday, a typhoon called Haiyan struck the eastern coast of the Philippines, an island ...

"I am 17, I am the teen author of the best selling book The Guys, the Roses & the Regrets and I am also the CEO of my own magazine which is in its beginning stages.
As far as tips for taking a business into adulthood I am not quite there yet, but as far as making a business successful here are my tips:
1. Have a Good Team. No matter how smart or business savvy you are you cannot create a successful business alone, create a team that will work with you to make your business a success. I have a board of advisers which includes CEO's, best-selling authors and magazine publishers who help guide me through the ups and downs of business. A good team is invaluable. 
2. Have Clear Goals and Make Them Happen. To make a business work there has to be a sequence so that means set your goals and stick to them. Make sure your goals move your business forward and then get your team to help you keep achieving those goals. 

3. Be Persistent. In life and in business sometimes things are not going to work out and you have to carry on regardless of rejection. If you truly believe in your business when something goes wrong figure it out and move on. Running a successful business is hard not everything is going to be given to you on a silver platter but if you're persistent and push on through your business can be a success!"

--Grace Hatton, Author,

Any bookworms out there? If so, this week’s impact post is for you. If you’re ...


By now, you’ve (hopefully!) staked out the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods, made a game plan with ...


If you're looking for a meaningful way to help your community, look no further than ...


World Food Day is October 16th. Started waaaaay back in 1981, the idea behind it ...


If you're an American between the ages of 8 and 19, give yourself a pat ...

There are many other ways to spend your spring break as a volunteer. Check out local reading programs where you can encourage young kids to read at your public library, volunteer to play games and hang out with the elderly at a nearby senior center, or even get involved with your local humane society, they always need extra help taking care of animals. 

Ultimately, you want to do something that makes you feel happy and will give you an enriching experience that will last a lifetime!  Happy Alternative Spring Break!

We love hearing from you guys. We especially love hearing from you guys when you’ve ...

Finally, will all the money spent around back to school shopping, retailers are anxious to give you a way to give back in the process. It's a great marketing tool for them, and it really does help others, so why not? 

Most places that sell school supplies will have a drop box this time of year for people to donate supplies as they shop, so go ahead and pick up an extra pack of pens for a kid in need. However, there are ways to do a bit more. 

A good place to shop in general is at a site called Up to 30% of your purchases in some cases go back to charity, and you can choose the cause you'd like to support before you buy. 

Finally, if you want to get involved in a bigger way, we like, an organization that finds kids in need and helps them out with school supplies. You can give money, supplies, or even volunteer with them.

You’ve found a charity you’re passionate about, and you’re ready to donate your time or ...


Have a few extra minutes on your hand? Want to show your support for some ...


Calling all animal lovers! Want to get involved in your community while spending time with ...


Channel One is so pumped for the 2013 Do Something Awards! Every year, our besties at ...


This summer, Channel One's been encouraging you to get your impact on. We've told you ...


Have a cause close to your heart? But not a ton of cash to donate ...

Blond Hair

Need a haircut? Want to help someone in the process? Donate those locks! If you’re ...


Happy (almost) Independence Day! And what better way to honor our country than by giving ...

This one is easy -- and fun! Discourage your friends and family from texting behind the wheel with thumb socks, a fun reminder that whatever your phone wants you to do, you're in charge.

Bonus: You can enter to win a $5k scholarship!

There's no time like the present to get involved -- and to that end -- ...


It’s summer!  Which means you’ve probably got some extra, much-deserved time on your hands. If ...


Looking for an easy, effective way to help your community? Donate your gently-used clothes!  We ...

39 comments on “Impact

  1. Ms. Stawecki's ELA Skills Class

    We are commenting on the news story about the strict playground rules at Weber Middle School in New York.

    We believe that taking away soccer balls, lacrosse, and football is too strict. Playing these types of sports on the playground is a rite of passage, and students should be allowed to do whatever they want at recess to get their energy out and make new friendships. These unstructured sports help students create new friends and learn to solve their own problems. For decades, people have been participating in these types of activities on the playground. Although these rules are meant to help, they are just too strict and need to be less restrictive and allow students more freedom and choice.

    1. Lucas Nale

      At our school, we have never had soccer balls, lacrosse nets or anything like that, and because of that we have a low injury rate. I don’t think this is too strict because there are other ways to let your energy out.

  2. Rebecca

    During Halloween when I went trick-or-treating I collected money for ASPCA to help aboused animals. Instead of candy.

  3. Tyler Cole & The Worth County Middle School

    Hello, Im from the worth county middle school, things havent been very good here. We just recently lost one of our fellow classmates name Dustin. He was in my class for 2 years and sat right beside me everyday as we played the trumpet in band class, but Dustin shot himself because over bullying. He was bullied to the point where he just couldn’t take it anymore :’(. Worth County isn’t the same without him!! I had no Idea Dustin was bullied so bad to the point where he would shoot himself! :/ but there was people that did! The school themselves knew how bad Dustin was being bullied and didn’t do one thing about it til it was to late. One of my friends created a facebook page about Dustin, and to stop bullying from the future. The school saw the page and threaten her that she and anyone else would get arrested if anybody said Dustins name. The school is trying to prevent the changes that these students are trying to change in School. So I know that this don’t won’t change anything, but its so sad how pathetic our school system really is and I hope and pray that someone from the channel 1 news cast will take this story and put the word out there! Please let the be Justice for Dustin! The whole school cries everyday and we miss him very much! Please somehow just spread this on simple word “JFD” Im begging you to. My God Bless yall.

  4. Taylor Nelms

    Hello, a student in 8th grade, Dustin Hammonds that goes to my school, Worth County Middle School in Sylvester Georgia, was getting bullied for about 2 years. Tuesday/Wednesday he got tired of getting bullied so much he decided to shot his self because of that. Bullying is getting worse by day by day. Bullying needs to stop. I’d appreciate if you would talk about this on channel one and let everyone know how bad bullying really is. Him and his family needs a lot of prayers. He’s a very sweet boy and he shouldn’t have been treated like that and never should’ve been bullied. Bullying needs to be a stop too. Also please let everyone know to wear blue this week in remembrance of Dustin Hammonds and to say no to bullying. Please pray for him and his family. & please put this on your show. Thank you.

  5. DaJun-Evans

    I’m a student at Worth county middle school of Sylvester GA and a few days ago one of my very close friends shoot his self because of him being bullied. Every morning on the announcements they say that worth county middle school has a zero tolerance of bullying if that is true then why did my buddy not get justice why did they not stop the bully before it led up to this please approve of this to not only slow down the bullying but stop the bullying thanks

  6. caitlin

    Hi, i am a middle school student from Worth County Middle School. a student in eigth grade attemted suicide and he is in bad condition. He attemted to take his life because he was bullied. It was happening since sixth grade and continued until eith. He is the hospital at this current moment. We would like this story to be shown on channel 1 because it will bring awarness to bullying.

  7. Adreanna Riggins

    Hey , my name is Adreanna Riggins I attend WORTH COUNTY High School Sylvester Ga. I come here to say that Dustin Hommons was very close friend to me. He went to the same school as I did. He walked the same halls I did. He was so interactive in school activities. He always made good grades. But then he just started to change. Everything just came crashing down on him. He was being bullied to the point where he couldn’t just take it anymore. He shot himself , in the state of Georgia bullying is against the law. And I say whoever was bullying him should be punished severely. He never done anything to anyone. He always kept to himself. Please let our voices be heard. We just want peace and Justice for Dustin. We are having a candle light vigil at Jeffords Park in Sylvester Ga. Please come and attend. Merchandise will he sold. Come and support us. Thanks in advance.

  8. TaNijah Hardy

    Hi . i Too Woulod Also Like The World To be Informed If Dustins Story . Kids Need To Understand Bullying Is A Serious Thing . It Has Left Our School Devastated. I Had Never Thought Id Be Able To Say I Lost A Classmate Too Bullying . Well , Now Students Of Worth County Are Out Too Make A Differnce. WE Want To help people understand That bullying Is A Serious Thing .

  9. Shay Taylor

    Hi My Name Is Shay, It Is a crime shame how Dustin got bullied for 2 year,s and Nobody did absolutely nothing to stop this harsh crime. This hurted me to my heart he was a sweet kid smh. My question is Why??? Why??? Dustin has his whole life ahead of him. Bullying needs to start as I speak Dustin baby Justice will be serve!!!!!!!!! And for the kids who did this to Dustin Y’all will pay for this

  10. Sydney McDonald

    I would like Dustin’s story to be heard. Dustin was a very sweet person but was bullied because maybe he was a little different from everybody else. So he was bullied basically everyday of his life, until he decided to try andend it. Dustin was not only a friend’s to many including me, but he was also my cousin. Now our school systems are trying to ignore the fact that he was bullied to the point of no return. So it would be greatly appreciated if everybody could share his story so we can have justice for Dustin. Also to stop bullying. This kind of things happen everyday but nobody even notices it. Do it for Dustin.

  11. Charlie

    Dustin was a student at worth county middle school, he was a kind a sweet 13and year old boy. He had no right to be bullied. I would like his story to be on Channel 1 so everyone can see what bullying can do. Thank you

  12. Alexis Collins

    I am a worth county high school student. Recently a young man took matters into his own hands . To cope with bullying. Sad to say none of our schools are doing anything about it they haven’t said anything they haven’t even mentioned him to any of us . Some students at my school don’t even know about it. I just feel like our school system needs a major wake up call & fast ! We are trying to make his story and name known. Justice for Dustin

  13. Trinity Cravey

    Dustin Hammonds story needs to be heard Worth County is doing nothing to the bullies that caused this boy whom I have heardwas a great person please lilet it be heard.

  14. Skylar Clem

    Dustin was my cousin and a very good friend to he was so smart and living he was always good inside and the fact that he got bullied is not a good thing. Dustin always helped others out and for him to have a difficult life outside of school he did good to live his life. It’s sad that he chose to die so that he wouldn’t have to be bullied. We need to help him out bc the school isn’t going to. I love you dustin

  15. Shykia Marshall

    Worth county middle school is a mess. A kid named Dustin Hammonds was bullied to the point he took his own life. Y’all are always saying stop bullying , I know some people have reported about him or them being bullied , but y’all refuse to do anything about it, I didn’t know Dustin personally , but I hate the fact nobody took the time to help this poor kid & his situation , this poor boy took his life for crying out loud! Somebody needs to do something about this , rest in paradise sweet boy , you will no longer have to worry about these poor bullies making themselves feel better by tortuing you , they feel guilty . But , have fun in heaven sweet boy

  16. Audrey Gasaway

    I wasn’t close to Dustin Hammonds, but from what I’ve heard he was a very sweet boy. He never bothered anyone. People bullied him to the point where he attempted suicide. He is in critical condition. I would like for Dustin’s story to be shared with everyone. Bullying needs to stop!

  17. Brandon Schoolman

    Hey , i knew dustin personally he was a great person. He was in all kinds of school activites. He did not deserve what they done to him. To the point where he shot hiself. I was a friend of Dustin’s. The person that bullied him to the point where he shot hiself. I want the world to know how Worth County Middle School employes knew that Dustin was being bullied and didn’t do anything to stop it. They said that if we wear blue shirts to school Monday and Tuesday that they would put us in handcuffs and take us to jail. We just want to let the people who done this to him to know that we are going to support this until Dustin’s death is put to justice. JFD until the end!

  18. Tanya

    I am the admin on the page Justice for Dustin….. Our town has been knocked to its knees over the attempted suicide of a very wonderful boy named Dustin Hammonds. Its completely amazing at how our community is coming together to support our family through this…. We will be having a candle light vigil in Dustins honor Tuesday at 6:30….. If you would like more information you can contact me at Justice for Dustin on facebook.

  19. Jahquirious

    Hey, my name is Jahquirious Jefferson. Dustin was a friend of mine . We have band together for the past 4 years . When you see dustin he was the type too never mess or say anything wrong too anynody , so my thing is why would he get bullied? Is it because he was smart?

  20. Bria

    A student from Worth CountyMiddle School shot himself because of bullying.He was at the point where he couldn’t possibly take it anymore.He shot himself.We want a change to happen we are not backing down until this situation is dealt with.We are having a candle light service at Jeffords park in Sylvester,Ga please come out and show support.

  21. Nicole -Plaster

    Hi, my name is Nicole. I go to Worth County Middle School. Weve recently had an incident; one of our peers has passed away. He was bullied throughout parts of his life and didnt have the easiest path set out for him. His death wasn’t an accident.. He did it himself. I, myself wasn’t that close to him but I knew him. He was a good kid. But our school has decided to shut this out! Its hard enough not knowing what is going on with all the rumors! But they won’t even let us say his NAME or anything about him! If we do we will be suspended, possibly arrested. This is out of control. Freedom of Speech. That is a right we all have. So why are they taking it away from us? I can’t speak for everybody because I have close friends that WANT people to get in trouble for talking of him/ his story, but his story needs to be remembered, honored, respected, & a symbol of hope. We are having a candle light vigil for him at Jefferson Park in Sylvester, Georgia. We hope to see you there with support. I know that by posting this it won’t do much… But it’s a start. I promise you we won’t stop until we can deliver the justice that this young boy deserves. A few kids have made a Facebook page, “Justice for Dustin”. Support is greatly appreciated. Please help us spread the word. Your contribution would mean the world to us. I thank you for your time in reading this and pray for you to realize what an impact this would have on all of us. <3

  22. Debra C Jones

    I think the story about Dustin Hammonds needs to be on Channel One Monday or Tuesday. This is the story of a Young Man that was wronged by his school for not protecting him and letting this bulling to continue. The Worth County School system should be held accountable as well as the ones that actually done the bulling.

  23. Amber Jade

    Im a student from Worth County Middle School. Let me just say Dustin Hammonds is a good kid. He was in my class and he was very quiet. He never hurt anyone or as far as I know bullied anyone. Me and many others would love for you to show your support for Dustin and please mention this on Channel One. A lot of us are fed up with Worth County not doing anything about the bullying problems in the school system. Please help us spread the word not only for Dustin but for others also. Thank you so much.. #JFD

  24. Lyla

    Hey, my name is lyla and I’m a 8th grader at worth county middle school. All of my fellow class mates and I are outraged by the bulling that has been going around. Just resently an 8th grader that most of us have known sence we started school tryed cometing suiside because he was being bullied. We won’t to put a stop to it, and honestly I don’t think our school is doing much about it and we would like to make this virile. We won’t to make a change and show what we are standing for and we really need your help to stop this! Please. Also our school officer has forbidden is to say anything about Dustin including his name! We do not agree with this and need your help to stop this and speach out agust bulling! PUT A STOP TO BULLING please get back to me thank you

  25. Amber Howard

    Hi, I’m Amber!
    i go to Worth County High School! In the last week, we have a death at our middle school. a boy named Dustin shot himself because of being bullied! Thats not at all a good thing. I didn’t know Dustin but I had the chance to meet him once. He plays in the middle school band and I in the High school band. he told me hi and I told him good afternoon. When I heard of his death, I didn’t know who it was until i saw his picture! That little boy made the rest of my evening good! By me telling him good afternoon, I hope that made his too. Now that I know hes gone, I can’t imagine him not marching with us when he gets to high school. But…. because he was bullied so bad, he won’t.

  26. Kylie

    Hey, my name is Kylie West. I go to worth county high school. Recently a middle schooler of worth county named Dustin Hammonds attempted suicide because of students bullying him. We want our voices to be heard! Stop Bullying! We need everyone’s support. We would like for everyone to come to The candle light vigil we will be having at Jefferson Park in Sylvester,Ga. Dustin needs justice! We would all like for this story to be on channel 1 to raise awareness of bullying and how it affects children, young adults, and even adults. It would be very well appreciated!

  27. Brayden-Brodie

    The bully has had something happen to him /her and if you are mean back to him/her it makes it worse and it keeps on going and he/she keeps bulling.

  28. Rosemary Riggins

    Hey my daughter Adreanna Riggins attend Worth County High School. She is very hurt about this situation. I think these kids are doing the right thing. They are sticking up for something they believe. Dustin Hammonds was a bright intelligent students always made good grades. All I’m asking is for let their be justice. He took his life due to bullying and in the state of GA bullying is against the law. The students that where bullying Dustin should be punished severely. Thanks

  29. Jace Tison

    Hey my name is Jace and im a WCHS student from sylvester GA. Channel one we need your help to spread dustins story! JUSTICE FOR DUSTIN!

  30. Kaitlyn Cumbie

    Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and I attend Worth County High School in Slyvester,GA. Recently my little brothers bestfriend, a young boy named Dustin, attempted to commit suicide due to the fact of how bad he was being bullied. My little brother also gets bullied, and I would be devistated if this was to ever happen to him. We all would like Dustin’s story to get out to stop bullying now. Justice for Dustin!!

  31. Kaycee Blalock

    Hey, I’m Kaycee, an 8th grader at Worth County Middle. Just a few days ago an 8th Grader, Dustin Hammonds, shot himself because he was being bullied constantly. Teachers knew about this but wouldn’t bother to help him. Dustin got to the point to where he didn’t even wanna be alive anymore. It’s sad what this world has come too. Channel 1, we would appreciate it so much if y’all would help us spread ‘Justice for Dustin.’ It would mean a lot to everyone in Worth County & others in this world. Let’s put a stop to bullying because you never know what it may lead to.

  32. Madison Scott

    Dustins story needs to be shared. Tomorrow is our last day at school before Christmas break. We would love to see his story on there Tuesday morning. justice for Dustin.


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