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Impact: Profiles

Check out profiles of young people making a difference in their school, community, country — even the world!


Find out how this teen is changing lives.


Find out what inspired this scientist to become an astronomer.


Why this teen started her own dance organization, and how it's growing.


Have you ever seen something on Channel One and wondered how you could be a ...


A teen soccer player founds an organization called Peace is the Goal.

3 comments on “Impact: Profiles

  1. Jade-Orr

    Me and my grandparents feed the homeless. Those people don’t deserve to feel different from us just because they made one mistake in there life. People that think that they are different are wrong, because once you get to know them and learn their life stories you will feel that they need some comfort and warmth from other people so they can feel better. Some of those people try and work so they can have a home but some just need a nudge to get to their feet and try, so lets give them the love and warmth they need so they can get to their feet. <3 Jade Orr

    1. Zakari Smoots

      we should form a group called Make It Happen a help kids who need money to go to school any other ideas…


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