In the Palm of Your Hand


A new kind of technology is making it’s way into schools, but not to classrooms.

Have you ever had about three minutes to eat because you spent most of your lunch period standing in line? School cafeterias sympathize, and that’s why some of them are adopting scanners that let you pay with your palm. Each student has a unique I.D. created from their palm, and when it comes time to pay, they simple wave their hand above the scanner and go.

And even though a few people have opted out of the program because of privacy concerns, this idea is just too “Into Darkness” for us not to like. But we want to know what you think. Vote in the poll to weigh in now!

5 comments on “In the Palm of Your Hand

  1. Ethan

    This is the precursor to some evil,messed up stuff. I would rather saw off my left arm and replace it with an arm cannon than put a chip in my hand.


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