Occupy Wall Street
Zuccotti Park
October 20, 2011

Inside Occupy Wall Street

A look at what the people protesting are trying to accomplish.

Shelby: Occupy Wall Street has been going strong for thirty-four days now, but the movement has been criticized because some say the protesters don’t know exactly what they are protesting.

Protestor: I’m here to support the people. Why else am I out here?

Protestor: I hear it’s about anti-capitalist. I’m a socialist marxist communist.

Protestor: I’m here because… for the people!

Shelby: Some protesters do say they have a message.

So, you are against the… the…?

Protestor: The unequal distribution of wealth.

Protestor: I’m here talking about the, you know, Native American Indian issues that haven’t been addressed since the sixties.

Shelby: Whatever their reasons, much of the country doesn’t know where they stand on the issue. A recent Gallup poll showed 22% of Americans approve of the protest, 15% disapprove, and an overwhelming 63% of people said they didn’t know enough about it to answer the question.

Protestor: I’m going to let it shine.

Shelby: New York’s Zuccotti Park is home base, and it has become a sort of national soap box. In other words, a place to protest everything from big, powerful banks to cuts in daycare.

Protestor: Day care! Day care!

Shelby: The common theme is anger, but organizers are trying to make the message a little clearer.

Protestor: Well, we have goals. It may not be specific policies, but what we want is fundamentally economic justice and a more real democracy.

Shelby: Mark is on the press committee, one of the many committees that is running this movement. They are all volunteers. There is also a group that helps manage the money coming in. So far, they have raised $215,000 online and $80,000 in the park.

Protestor: We have to have multiple signatures to sign any check.

Shelby: Pete Dutro is on the financial commitee and is planning to drop out of college to help manage the $10,000 a day he says they spend to operate. They say most of the money goes to food, but some of it also goes to pay for sleeping bags and keep the area clean.

There might be some confusion about their message, but the protestors have made one thing clear: they don’t intend to stop occupying Wall Street anytime soon.

Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.


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