Christa Fletcher
February 2, 2012
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Meeting lead singer Paul O’Keeffe from the band Intervurt is like getting a breath of fresh air from across the Atlantic. And the same goes for the band’s music. Originally from Southeast London, band members Paul O’Keeffe (Vocals), Mark Alberici (Guitars), Oliver Alberici (Keyboards), Lee Wilton (Bass) and Scott Richman (Drums) form a laid-back and closeknit alternative band. “We’ve all known each other on and off for the last 10 years. We’ve done various things together in different combinations,” explained O’Keeffe, “and about six years ago we sort of cemented the lineup we have now. We started out as a dance oriented thing and it developed to rock and later, alternative.”

This very natural progression of the band’s genre stems from their many inspirations, creativity and the music they enjoy seeing. “I’m a big fan of Radiohead,” said O’Keeffe. “I think Interpol are really, really good. And, I’m a massive Bowie fan, too,” said O’Keeffe, who has been singing since he was two years old. The band also counts acts like U2, Massive Attack, Queens of the Stoneage and Muse, as music influences. “We were lucky enough to play on the same bill as Depeche Mode, and they were really fun.” Yet, the band’s love for music and performing is unlike many of the latest indie acts you find on MySpace and Twitter. There’s something refreshingly old school about the band’s passion for touring and listening to other music.

For O’Keeffe, it’s about discovering music by word of mouth and embracing his nostalia for records. In fact, he began writing songs when he was 13 years old, motivated by the lyrics on the pages of album sleeves. Now, he seeks unique ways of writing, while also embracing “molding” songs with each band member. Intervurt’s creative process is very collaborative. O’Keeffe writes the majority of the lyrics and melodies, Mark Alberici works out the chords and more new ideas with the help of his brother Oliver and bass player Lee Wilton. And, Scott Richman will add beats he likes. “It’s like a bit of clay that we all poke and prod until it becomes ‘Intervurt.’ It needs everyone’s touch to sound like us, I think.”

When it comes to being onstage, this lead singer said, “We love playing live. It’s one of the things that comes most naturally to us. I think we’re much better live, than on record, but none of us are ever nervous and we just hang out and then it’s time to jump on. It’s cool.” The band’s seemingly effortless performances and rehearsals, speak to their chemistry and passion for their music. To get swept away with the new band from across the pond, check out songs like “Union Square” below.

Christa Fletcher

“Union Square” 


“The Fear”


Paul O'Keeffe: Vocals

Mark Alberici: Guitars

Oliver Alberici: Keyboards

Lee Wilton: Bass

Scott Richman: Drums



A good pair of Shoes


Helana Christenson


Girls with Blonde Hair

Bauhaus Architecture




Wild Animals

Girls with Brown Hair



Francis Bacon

Bruce Lee

Pablo Picasso




The Tate Modern

The Guggenheim

The Chrysler Building

Puffer Fish

Knut Hamsun



Nina Simone

Steve Mqueen

Star Wars

JR Ewing




Massive Attack



Jimi Hendrix


Led Zeppelin

Depeche Mode

David Bowie

The Clash

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