August 30, 2012

Isaac Lingers

The slow-moving storm caused flooding and high winds on the Gulf Coast.

Maggie: From Mississippi to western coastal Louisiana, the problems have been rising water, and damaging winds. Isaac’s 80-mile-an-hour gusts blasted the region for much of yesterday.

New Orleans, hit so hard by Katrina in 2005, has been hit hard again. So has neighboring Plaquemines Parish. Roofs and trees have been torn down.

Flooding waters from Isaac also washed out at least 18 miles of a levee along the Mississippi there, flooding nearby homes with ten feet or more of water.

In the town of Braithwaite, rescue workers had to help evacuate citizens, many who ended up trapped on their roofs and inside their attics.

The storm is moving slowly only about 6 miles an hour, making a bad situation even worse with its sustained, heavy rains. And storm surge, which happens when the winds raise sea levels off the coast, flooding the land. There’s also the risk of tornados and flash floods throughout inland parts of the southeast.

Parish President Billy Nungesser compared Isaac – a Category 1 storm – to Katrina, a much stronger Category 3 storm.

Billy Nungesser: When this is over I think we need to check wind speeds. Because I lost a good portion of my roof and my fence is down, and water is blowing through the sockets in my house from the back wall. That only happened in Katrina.

Maggie: Hundreds of thousands have been left without power all across southern Louisiana. Many roads in coastal Mississippi have been closed because of flooding and downed trees.

Parts of the storm have the potential to linger in Louisiana until tomorrow. Government agencies have assembled all along the storm-hit region to try to help where they can:

“It’s a storm. It’s a danger. We’ll be responsive, and we’ll wait for this thing to pass and we’ll be ready tomorrow morning.”

Maggie: Maggie Rulli, Channel One News.


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