November 20, 2012

Israel and Gaza

The latest in the conflict.

Julian: Israeli aircraft yesterday killed a senior militant with another strike on a media center in the Gaza Strip.

A Gaza health official says dozens of civilians have died in the fighting.

Yesterday, Israel was expanding its week-long bombing campaign by targeting the homes of Hamas activists.

Hamas is the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza.

The Israelis say its offensive, targeting weapons storage facilities, launch sites and police stations, was in response to months of Hamas rocket attacks.

Israel has also been moving troops near the Gaza-Israeli border for a possible ground invasion.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been setting up meetings this week to try to help end the violence.

Israel and the U.S. consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization. While Hamas has refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist.


One comment on “Israel and Gaza

  1. David Key

    What is this concept of a just war? The real Friend of Abraham (Abrahim) should be merciful enough and magnificent enough to have invented a just peace, instead. . . . I know! Why don’t we encourage Israel and Palestinia to share a United Jerusalem as their Capitol City! For Israel, they would keep Jerusalem as their Eternal Capitol. For Palestinia, they would keep Jerusalem as their Ancestrial Capitol.
    And Jerusalem just might emerge as “The peoples’ Capitol, if we can evil from hopping like popcorn, over there.
    I invite any news organization into my home, any statesman, to, to discuss these ideas, and to help foster peace in the Middle East, and to brainstorm and/or hold negotiations.

    My address is 411 S Chicago Av 1
    Rockford, IL 61104


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