It’s Electric!


Ever wish an essay you wrote or a homework assignment had more of a spark?

With something that researchers at the University of Illinois created, it can. When you connect¬†Conductive Ink¬†to an LED light and a small battery, it literally lights up. Many think it’s got great commercial potential — instead of wiring up a circuit board, you could just draw it — but we’re pretty excited about the creative potential of the ink. Think of the doodles — or what you could come up with if you put the ink into a printer!
What do you think about this idea? Vote in the poll and tell us if conductive ink is the next big thing!

2 comments on “It’s Electric!

  1. Amber

    yes. if the ink was made to be printable you could download and print off complex circuit board. you could probably print off information storage devices, circuit boards that are see through on wax paper, etc. As well as allow kids to learn about electronics and art at the same time.
    but i guess then you may have the issue of illegally downloading mother boards and the like, and if there is no insulation then someone could get shocked or set on fire if they aren’t careful. in which case, that wouldn’t be worth it.


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