February 28, 2012
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Jack Skuller


When your parent is a musician, you start out with some serious influences. In addition to Jack Skuller’s dad being one, there was also Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and The Beatles. They were all regularly played as Jack was growing up (and still are). The singer-songwriter, who started singing at around eight, picked up a guitar so he could accompany himself around ten, and won a New Jersey talent contest at 13, shortly before he regularly started playing shows with a band in New York and Los Angeles.

Now 16, Skuller plays regularly at New York’s Living Room and other places around town, recently finished an EP with Mayday Parade producers Zach Odom and Kenneth Mount, and is now focused on building his online fan base. “I was little concerned about the EP, because they’re pop and I’m much more rock, but they really brought out the energy in my songs. We were in the studio together, trying to figure out how it was going to work, and it turned out to be really liberating,” Jack shared in a recent phone interview. Learner’s Permit, the EP is full of Skuller originals, mostly written in his room. “I write as much as I can, every day.”

As for the EP title, he does not yet have his driver’s license, “S is down on the alphabetical list, so I have to wait at least six more months,” he explained. But if you ask us, a produced EP and regular NYC and LA gigs might be a little better than a permit right now, even if he can’t take the wheel of the tour bus just yet.

“Love is a Drum”

“Not What Life’s About”





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