November 5, 2012
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Jackson Harris


Since we last checked in with Jackson Harris, this pop-singer born and bred in the Big Apple has made some great progress, and even though we like to think it had something to do with us, it’s probably more about the drive and talent of this young New Yorker. Raised by his mother with his sister on the Upper East Side, Harris attended a private prep school, but decided to defy the expected and pursue a career in music.

In addition to appreciating the sights and sounds of the city, including the High Line and Central Park, two of his favorite spots, “I find inspiration every day,” Harris said in a phone interview. He also counts his mother as inspiration. “She was a single parent and she showed me how strong a human can be raising two kids in the city,” he said. “She’s very supportive of my interests.”

Harris also hopes to fulfill his dream to take “Grammy to the Grammys.”

“I have her voice and she claimed ownership,” Harris said with a laugh. “My grandmother was the singer in the family and it was a proud moment when she got to see my career beginning.” Though his grandmother has since passed away, he’s committed to taking “their voice” all the way. He’s that much closer to that dream now, with a full-length album due out just after the holidays. It’s called Sharks & Vapmires and will be about 10 songs long. He’s in the process of sorting out which tracks will be part of it. “We’re figuring out what to mix and master. It’s new music, and honest. It’s not afraid to be my age, or in my genre, full of up-tempo ballads,” he explained.

“Recording was suprisingly comfortable. Going into a big New York studio can be indimidating — a place like Electric Lady, where Jimi Hendrix or John Mayer has recorded is a lot of pressure. I ended up working with my producer out of his house. It was great to be able to take breaks and be in more of a home environment.”

Next up, he’s shooting a video. (You might have seen one from him with actress Lucy Hale. “That wasn’t a bad day,” he shared.) “It’s usally just me, my manager and a video guy on our shoots. So I’m really proud of what we’re able to accomplish.” Then, he’s planning on playing a benefit show for people affected by Sandy — his first performances with music from the new album. For a New Yorker, we can’t think of a better way to kick off a new album and tour. You can keep up with Harris on his Twitter feed and Facebook page.
“Come Back Down to Earth”

“I Don’t Speak Silence”

“Long Story Short”

“Someone Tell Brittany”

“When It Rains”




Lyrics for "Long Story Short"
Written and Produced By : Jackson Harris & Valentine

I’m not the one who choose this fight
But I wont back down when I know I’m right
Someone tried to seduce my mind to follow the crowd
I lost my way but I am back again
That one day was the moment when
I stood my ground
Now I know its time to get up and shout

Let me make a long story short
Cant live my life as a last resort


I’m living my life like I’m dying
They wont give u credit for trying
I’m taking the road less traveled
So what if it all unravels
Just leave them behind and they will see
You’ll never stop me

Now I don’t know where the road might lead
But you got no trees if you plant no seeds
If I don’t try I guarantee I’m losing my mind
I got this dream as a place to start
And I wont back down cuz I know my heart
If you don’t do the things u love your wasting your time

Let me make a long story short
Cant live my life as a last resort


Let me make a long story short (A long long story) x7

Let me make a long story short
Cant live my life as a last resort



Lyrics for "Someone Tell Brittany"
By: Jackson Harris & Valentin

Verse 1
I know it’s hard to face me
I’m sure that you’ve replaced me
It feels like it’s been years
I thought that I’d forget it
But the moment that I said it
Your name’s ringing in my ears

Now I called a million times and I’ve written all these lines
But my words just seem to scatter in the wind

Could someone tell Brittany, I wonder does she miss me
I hope her dreams are all they could be
Could someone tell Brittany, ‘cause it suddenly hit me
We’re right where we belong
We’re right where we belong

Verse 2
You left me broken hearted
That’s when the music started
Like it’s playing in my head
Tears stain all my letters
And though things have gotten better
There’s words still left unsaid

Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Verse 3 She lives just south of Prince Street Among the lights and concrete I can see it in my mind And if you still can’t find her There’s no way to remind her This is all we’ve left behind Chorus


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