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February 1, 2012
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Jason Liebman


Dubbed by some as the “Human Jukebox,” Jason Liebman, a musician raised on Long Island, New York, plays diverse songs ranging from acoustic guitar ballads, to rock and roll riffs. His second album, Sweet Sacrifice embodies his eclectic sound, ranging from pop or folk, to many other colorful genres. Liebman grew up in Lawrence, NY wanting to play the guitar, “I MUST play the guitar!” He said on his website.

Now, after years of learning to play songs and spending time to create his own, Liebman performs frequently, as anyone can see from his long list of tour dates. He also teaches guitar lessons. Both seem to inspire him; he co-wrote his title track, “Sweet Sacrifice,” with his student, Michael Bar-Lavi. “It sounds like a cliche, but the more I travel and perform and the more musicians I work with, the more I understand that it’s not about where a career starts or where it ends. It’s not about any one gig or any two bands or someone’s ten favorite road stories,” says Liebman on his website. “It’s about the journey.”

Liebman plays many shows and events, covering classic and current songs in addition to his own music. Websites like Gig Masters tout his “savvy” onstage presence and his ability to please a crowd. And, according to Liebman: “It’s about the work you put in, the relationships you develop and the reputation you cultivate and maintain. You do the work, you do it right and you hope that it continues to create positive energy and bring good opportunities your way. I’m excited about where I’ve been and even more excited about where I’m headed.”

Listen to his latest tracks from Sweet Sacrifice for free below.
Christa Fletcher

“The Stars Above”

“Sweet Sacrifice”

“Jenny, I Don’t Mind”


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Lyrics For "Sweet Sacrifice"
by Jason Liebman

There's no sweet sacrifice
No chemical oppression
No time too hard to do.

Not enough passion for the heartsick
For the sick of all obsession
And repression is a longshot too

There's no sweet sacrifice at all

You can shake me through the evening
Through a night of cold confession
It won't turn me back around

No you ain't no rock n' roller
And you're dying of depression
For the joy you've never found

You make no sound

Nothing compares to the blues…

Don't trade violence
For Annie in the city
Annie she's no drunkard man's girl

You think she promises you happiness
'cause you know she smiles so pretty
But Annie, man, she digs those blues…yeah she do…

Nothing compares to the blues…


Lyrics For "Jenny, I Don't Mind"

Flashback -- 1994
Can you believe it's been 10 years…or more…
We may have lost touch for a minute but that's ok.

It was the briefest of summer flings
I'd love to sit and reminisce the little things we used to do
But wouldn’t you know…you know I really can't remember

But I remember them late nights -- you were sneaking back to your place before dawn
We were gamblers…we were sinners…but if you want just one more run…

Jenny, I don’t mind at all.

And if the rain keeps coming down, keeps coming down on my door
Maybe we could just stay inside and make up for lost time some more
I know I kept you up all night -- I'm sorry if you're a little sorry
I was just looking for the right line, baby, to keep you singing over and over

And though I know this may not last, if that's a risk we have to take, well then you know I say:

Jenny, I don't mind at all.

And if you said that you're not with me for my money
Well I ain't got none so I'd say that's probably a pretty good thing, honey
It's your birthday tomorrow – u joked about how we're both getting old
I never would have thought we'd spend this birthday together -- no -- not ten year ago…

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