Christa Fletcher
July 24, 2013
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Jason Zerbin


When Jason Zerbin began to seriously focus on his music career in college, he decided to make music that would appeal to a variety of people — whether it be through his lyrics, melodies or any other aspect of his work. Now, joined by band members Ryan Wegner, Jon Greig, Jeremy Dehek and Peter Mol, Jason Zerbin is creating music just like that.

As the chief songwriter and frontman of the Alberta-based band, Zerbin gains inspiration from his everyday life — whether it be an emotion he cannot express or his deeply spiritual upbringing. Most notably, Zerbin’s lyrics are highly poetic, playing off his writing ability and making use of any of the five instruments he plays.

Even though Zerbin spends about 80% of his time writing and recording his music, he enjoys long boarding, going to the gym and hanging out with friends whenever he can.

“I would love to tour the world, share my music with as many people as possible and see my music really touch peoples lives,” says Zerbin.

For more on Zerbin and his band, check out the tracks and photos below.

I Want You

In Your Arms

Hear MeĀ 

The Ascending

Here on the Edge


Meet the Band:

Jason Zerbin
Jon Greig
Peter Mol
Jeremy Dehek
Ryan Wegner



Sufjan Stevens
Jason Upton
Jon Foreman
Martin Smith
Mute Math
David Crowder
John Mark Mcmillan


If you could tour with any two musicians or bands in the world, which ones would you choose?

Jason Zerbin: "I would love to tour with the band Switchfoot as I have loved their music ever since I was a kid and it has had a great influence on my writing. The other band that would be awesome to tour with would be Coldplay simply cause they make amazing music and it would be wild to open for the size of concerts they play."


What do you do for fun?

Jason Zerbin: "Apart from playing and writing music, which takes up probably 80% of my time, I love to do activities like Long-boarding or play sports with friends. I also like going to the gym and working out. One of my favorite things to do is going on 'treasure hunts' with friends. Also just chillin with friends over a tea latte is always a good time."


What's your favorite candy?

Jason Zerbin: "Hmm.... This is a tough one. Does chocolate count? Cause I am a huge Chocaholic. But if I'm forced to pick a candy I would say those little green leaf mint chews that you get from 7/11."

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