May 8, 2013

Job Numbers

There’s been a positive upswing in private sector jobs for college grads.

Larry Mehren: We started off less than a year ago with three people. We now have thirty-five. And we hope to double that again soon.

Scott: The U.S. economy appears to be picking up speed, adding an average of 208,000 jobs per month over the past six months. Economists say private companies, like Larry Mehren’s biotech firm, are growing. But government jobs are still taking a hit.

John Silvia: Private sector is generating jobs and also is producing output, growth, of about 3%. It’s the public sector that’s continuing to restructure and lose jobs.

Scott: And education has been a dividing line in the recovery. While well over 2 million jobs have been added in the past year for workers with a college degree or some college education. For workers with a high school degree or less, more than half a million jobs have been lost.

The new job numbers report out last week is good news. But experts say while the numbers show we are making progress, it is not fast enough. And 11 million people are still unemployed and looking for work.

So who is getting hired these days?

Mehren: We’re hiring scientists, engineers, people with deep mathematical backgrounds.

Scott: But Mehren says he can’t find enough workers with the specialized training he needs to fill positions in the company.

Mehren: If you look on our website, we have six or seven jobs that are going wanting. I mean, literally, I spent my time on LinkedIn today, looking for the kinds of people that this company needs. They are few and far between. The economy is not creating the kinds of workers that we need to move into the future. And, you know, I think that’s a challenge for all of us. That’s something that we should examine.

Scott: Scott Evans, Channel One News.


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