August 12, 2010

Jon Favreau


Good afternoon, Channel One readers, and welcome to Jon Favreau’s profile.

In his role as President Obama’s speech writer, Mr. Favreau has excelled. Though he has claimed that to write for Obama is “a little like being Ted Williams’ batting coach,” this second youngest presidential speechwriter certainly has some rhetorical skills of his own, as well as a commitment to pubic service. To read an example for yourself, don’t miss the speech he delivered as valedictorian during his 2003 college graduation ceremony.

Favreau joined the Obama campaign shortly after leaving John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. With Kerry, he was promoted from being responsible for tracking all radio references to the campaign to speechwriter, and after receiving a recommendation for his stellar writing skills from Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, he joined the Obama Campaign in 2005 and of course, the White House staff in 2009.

Obama has referred to Favreau as his “mind reader” — and it seems like a mind meld that has four years of lyrical language in front of them.

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