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Jordan Page is a musician but also a social activist, a patriot and a proud Christian. All of those identities inform his life and his music. “Artists have a real responsibility to put out a positive energy,” he says. “I chose a positive message.”

Jordan Page writes music that addresses what he believes is a growing apathy in America. When he first performed his new song “Pendulum,” Page says he either received standing ovations or people standing up and leaving. “But at least they were standing up,” he says.

With the upcoming presidential election, Jordan Page has a lot on his mind. “I don’t sit on either side of the table, Democrat or Republican…I’m trying to be a voice in the wilderness,” he says. Listen to his music and read Channel One’s exclusive Q&A below. Whether or not you agree with him, he says all the’s trying to do is “plant seeds to have people think and learn for themselves.”

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"I used to be really into hard core bands 8 or 9 years ago. I had the realization that the message of music is energy. You are what you listen to. You are the things that you bring into yourself. If you embrace music that is filling you up with negativity, some part of you is going to become a negative person.

That kind of music can pump people's own internal struggles, it exacerbates them. That said, it's their right to do that, it's a free country. I'm fighting especially for people who disagree with me, I want people to have the right to do that. I dig that they don't agree. I support civil discourse, people exchanging ideas, I'm not trying to convert anybody to my religion, or politics."


"I've had people writing to me with the most genuine love. That's my motivation besides my family and my love for them. People all over the world are e-mailing me. I get letters from people who disagree with me, and that's cool too.

Fame is not really my goal here. If I can use notoriety or just being known to help educate people, it's about the music. I have different motivations here than I think some people do. Every kid who plays guitar dreams about being a rock star, but I don't live a rock star life. I don't drink, do drugs, or smoke. I'm a healthy person whose life is all about rock music to promote that music. That's what my agenda is, love and understanding."


"I really like Ron Paul. I played for 15-20,000 people on the Capitol (pictured), all united for the cause of liberty. It's amazing that a congressman inspired so many people.

I made a decision a while back to live the life that people talk about living. I want to live every moment of my life to the absolute. I want to have a constant attitude of oneness with the people around me and with God. You have to appreciate what you have."


"Fredrick Douglass said 'a patriot is a person who loves his country but does not excuse its sins.' We can't have this blind nationalism that America is a supreme country and that our lives are more valuable than other people's.

I am a fervent Christian, but I want to present the real teachings of Jesus. I feel like [some Christians] aren't worshiping the same God that I am. Christianity is supposed to be a sponge and abosorb negative energy and turn it into love...

...I've done many songs during my life, it's not about 'I' it's about 'us.' We all come from the same spiritual source. If I get ahead of you by stepping on you, I'm just stepping on myself."

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