September 4, 2012

Joseph Biden


Helping the president is a tough job, but Vice President Joseph “Joe” Biden has a lot of experience — including years of work in foreign policy. As a long term member of the Foreign Relations Committee and his upbringing in down-to-earth Scranton, Pennsylvania, his knowledge of international relations paired with a “typical American town” viewpoint, give him a good balance of perspective.

Married to Jill Biden, she and Joe have one daughter. Biden has three children from his first marriage to Neilia Hunter, who passed away in a car accident along with one of their daughters in 1972. Biden and his current wife were married in 1977.

Though his personal life has been filled with difficult times, his career as a politician has thrived. Biden attended college at the University of Delaware in Newark where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History and another in Political Science. He later attended Syracuse University College of Law and graduated in 1968.

Though he studied hard, Biden did not enjoy school much. He is known to have made up for shirking study by pulling all night study sessions before a major exam. He was also known to have a stutter in his youth which some say he corrected by reciting poetry in the mirror.

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