Juggling DIY


You’ve seen clowns do it. You’ve seen street performers do it. You’ve even seen little kids do it. So what’s holding you back? Learn to juggle and you’ll have instant cachet with your family and friends. And you’ll never have to beg off being in the student talent show again.

We’ll start you off easy with three balls. Begin your lesson now.



Here's the easy part: select three items to juggle. Bean bags or small balls are good to start with. Make sure they fit easily in your hand, and that they are heavy enough so they don't bounce out of your hand when you try to catch them.

Don't show off by starting out with a bowling ball, a salt shaker and a fork. Make sure all three items are the same size, shape, and weight. You can start mixing it up when you're a little more of a pro.


Start with a single ball. Practice throwing it from one hand to the other in a continuous arc. Consistency is important, so don't move on until you feel you've mastered this step.


Now it's time to add the second ball. Hold a ball in each hand. Throw the ball in your right hand -- using the special arc you just perfected -- to your left hand. When that ball is halfway to your left hand, throw the ball in your left hand to your right hand. When you've switched balls, and haven't dropped either one, you've achieved your goal.

When you've mastered this step, you're ready to move on!


Believe it or not, if you've mastered that last step -- juggling two balls -- you are pretty much there! Adding the third ball is just more of the same; instead of one ball in each hand, you'll start off with one ball in your left hand and two balls in your right hand.

The first part is the same as before: you throw one of the balls from your right hand to your left. When that ball is at the peak of its arc, you throw the ball in your left hand to your right hand. Once that ball is at the peak of its arc, you throw a ball from your right hand.

And that's it! Now you're really juggling!!

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