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December 1, 2013
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Julie Mar

The story of Julie Mar’s start as a musician may not be very original, but there IS something truly refreshing about this young singer-songwriter from suburban New York: her warm and genuine nature.

Julie was about seven years old when she first knew she wanted to go into music. “It’s a really cliché story,” she laughed during a phone interview. Julie was in the car with her father when she heard Michael Jackson on the radio and said, “Dad, this guy is awesome.” The next day, Julie’s father brought home an MJ CD. “I listened to ‘Human Nature’ about a million times; I sat there for hours trying to sound like him, and that’s when I knew I wanted to be a musician,” she recounted.

Following her exposure to the King of Pop, Julie set out to expand her musical skill set. She began practicing the piano more seriously, composing lyrics at 11, learning the guitar at 13, and taking voice lessons in college. feature-cover-julie-mar

Her debut album, Theorem, was released in April.

Although Julie’s favorite song “changes every day,” the third track on Theorem holds a special place in her heart.

“Of all my songs, ‘Little Voices’ is the one that embodies the most powerful message,” she revealed. “It’s about taking control of your life and tuning out negativity that surrounds you.”

The recently-released “Little Voices” music video showcases a series of stories about bullying that emphasize Julie’s efforts to prevent peer conflict. As part of her burgeoning anti-bullying campaign, Julie is also working on a website and reaching out to other musicians interested in contributing to the cause.

And the new campaign isn’t her first big philanthropic undertaking. Last summer, Julie journeyed to Kenya, where she devoted her time to teaching English, building homes and churches and visiting orphans.

“It was an experience unlike anything else,” she described. “I would encourage everyone to find something they are passionate about and help others achieve it, too.”

For Julie, inspiration for her humanitarian work comes from her family of doctors, teachers and professors. “Imparting knowledge to others and helping people is really important to me,” she explained.

Another matter of great importance to Julie is remaining true to herself. “There’s so much pressure to sound ‘cool’ that it can be easy to lose the enjoyment of making music. You have to know who you are in this business, or you’ll get eaten alive.”

Well, we aren’t too worried about that when it comes to Julie. With her easygoing attitude, friendly disposition and heart of gold, we’re sure she’ll continue impacting people and inspiring fans on her way to stardom. Check out her tracks, and the video for “Little Voices,” below.





21 comments on “Julie Mar

  1. Henry

    You have a soulful voice and some day when I grow up I hope I can be just like you and have a voice as good as you do .Dreams come true

  2. Henry

    Julie mar I think you have a great voice and some day and I hope I can have a great voice like that so now I know that I can become as great as you some day. Dreams can come true just like you said in your song I will never give up even though how many people say that I can’t singing will tell them I think I can become a singer if I just try I can do anything.

  3. prince

    coco I am sorry for whatever you heard I thought we could be friends and see further on
    I want you to listen to strength by Julie you keep me having strengh


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