Just Spritz It

You’ve probably had someone overreact to the speed at which you’re able to text or IM. But what if they were overreacting to the speed at which you could read a book or homework assignment?

Researchers have long understood that people can actually read much faster if they focus on only one word at a time. But the practicality of publishing books with just one word on each page, and the time it takes to flip the actual page has largely stopped that from happening…until now.

A company called Spritz Technology has created a tool that flash one word at a time on a screen, allowing you to train your eyes to read faster – and get through more content in less time.

So is reading this quickly the next big thing? Vote in the poll to weigh in!

25 comments on “Just Spritz It

  1. Troy Hay

    I think that speed reading is better for everybody because you don’t have to get stressed out about all that reading

  2. Brylee

    I think that is a good idea because it is way faster than regular reading and that would help get things done. If you read things faster it would let you get more things done!

  3. Brylee


    I think that is a good idea because it is way faster than regular reading and that would help get more things done.

  4. Mackenzie

    I think that spritzing will not be a good, helpful device. Everyone has been fine without it, for me it will be a lot more stressful, I would be very confused. I read better just reading. I think that having this spritz is like making everyone lazy.
    “Is reading taking to long?” Reading is about understanding something and getting into a story, not speeding through it.

    1. Justin

      I think yes because like it said its in the center so you can adjust to it. and you can also learn how to read faster. just because you read faster doesn’t mean you cant understand IT.

  5. Mckinzie Bell

    I also think that sprizing is the next big thing.but here is the thing most people can’t read that fast.

  6. Clary Fray

    No, because it’d be hard start at the point you left off. Also reading the words that fast it might make stories harder to understand if they have words that the reader doesn’t understand, they can’t go back and read it in context.

  7. Jasmine

    I think that spritzing will be a device that one day everyone will wonder what they did without it! With the time that this saves, so many other things can be accomplished. I believe that spritzing will sharpen your mind and test how well you pick up on small details in writing. Honestly, I can’t wait until all books are like this! That will be awesome!

  8. Maddie W.

    I think it is great to get to read faster so then you can throw read the summer reading list faster, throw it away, and go and play outside!

  9. Madison kuhlman

    I’ve never been much of a reader but just thinking about this makes me want to pick up my phone and do some spritzing! Let’s get to it!

  10. Emma g.

    I think spritzing is a good way for people to learn a different way to read which can be both good and bad because some people are good with the way they natrually read.

  11. Angel-Torres

    Spritzing is the next big thing. I can already read pretty fast. But imagine the bigger books we all want to read, but we need to read fast to finish them. Spritzing is the way to help us accomplish all of our reading goals.

  12. Andrea

    I think it’s a wonderful idea. Its an easy way to train your brain. It will eventually make you read faster which can help you get done with stuff faster.

  13. mason

    I don’t think it’s the next big thing. Yes it is helping but you are probably loosing the information going in your brain because looking at the screen is damaging your brain especially your memory.

  14. Dallas

    No, it’s not the next big thing because a lot of people like reading books and if this product spreads then books could be demolished!

  15. Hannah

    I think that this is a cool idea. It can help kids read faster so they can get assignments or even read a book quicker. It can get them done faster!

  16. Christopher-Pennington

    This could be useful for people that can’t read fast enough. I think it could be good to help them gain that potential to read faster. It could be something awesome to help them read and as they practice each day. Make them read better each day basically.


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