June 13, 2013
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Kady Z

alt-cover-kady-zGrowing up with a mom who was a professional singer, being on stage and performing came pretty early for Los Angeles-based Kady Z. “I was obsessed with ‘The Little Mermaid,’” she explained, “I wanted to be Ariel, and I got to go on stage and sing with my mom when I was about three.”

After the family moved from New York to LA, she focused on normal kid stuff, but at some point at the end of high school, when it was around the time that people start thinking about what they want to do with their lives, she decided that music was it. “I had the direction and I had some songs, but I needed help to get my stuff out there,” she explained. “I would share things with my friend Nick, who is now my manager, and he ended up setting me up with ToneDef, who ended up producing my album.”

Her EP came out in March. “It’s been exciting — “Beautiful Disaster” was at number 53 on Billboard,” she shared, and the full album, One Million Pieces, is out August 5th. “We were in the studio for six months, writing and recording. The songs are personal. “Ordinary Girl” is about a special situation that suddenly makes someone extraordinary. “I’m passionate about my lyrics and being honest in them. I don’t pretend I’m too cool for school,” she laughed.

For now, she’s off on “a very stripped down, acoustic” tour. And she’s got some very practical advice for future performers: “Don’t stink.”

Hygiene and honesty — two themes that are easy to get on stage with.

“Crush Gone Wrong,”

“Crashing Down”

“Game Over”


She recently got the chance to walk the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.


Her influences include Gwen Stefani, the UK's Robbie Williams and some legendary singers like Ella Fitzgerald.


To relax, Kady likes to "lie on the floor and sleep." She was joking, but we see the appeal.

47 comments on “Kady Z

  1. 2013-8-24-anna-harman

    I like game over. Me and my friends in class were dancing to it and i have been listening to it since the 22nd’s news.

  2. Halli

    I LOVE all of your songs. Game over is catchy, Crush Gone Wrong is SO romantic, Crashing Down sounds so cool, and Beautiful Disaster is…… well……. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love your music.

  3. Anna Harman (Tennessee)

    I like game over also, but, can you PLEASE PLAY AUSTIN MAHONE!? I really want his music on here! Me and my friends LOVE him! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!???????? Love your show sincerely, anna harman (:

  4. Rayne

    don’t say that all it matters is that she tried her best and thats all that counts!!!! don’t wrry i love ur songs and just to let you know keep up the good work and i hope u come up with some new songs on channelone!!!!!


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