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February 13, 2012
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Katie Armiger


“Leaving Home” is more than leaving the nest to start your adult life. Just ask 19-year-old country singer Katie Armiger — it’s also about following your dreams and impressing your parents with your new place. Raised in Sugarland, Texas, Armiger moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her music career. Before the October 5, 2010 release of her album, she took a break from cleaning her apartment in preparation for her parents’ visit to chat about her third album Confessions of a Nice Girl. “I absolutely love it,” said Armiger in a phone interview from her Nashville, Tennessee home. “We worked so hard on the album — over two years getting it perfect. I have faith in it.”

Armiger’s family is excited for her too. They are visiting for Armiger’s release party and her mom plans to stay with her. As you, and anyone else who has heard the lyrics of her hit song “Leaving Home” would guess, Armiger is very close with her mom. And, many teens know how she feels. In fact, 20 high schools across the country have used the track as their graduation song. With touching lyrics like “We might be miles apart / I’ll carry you in my heart,” it’s no surprise teens and parents alike are touched by her music. “It feels so great to relate to people,” explained Armiger. “After hearing their stories, you feel like you know them. You realize every other person feels this way.”

Katie Armiger’s dream of singing and connecting with audiences through her music began when she was 9 years old. “My mom drove me in our minivan to contests all around Texas,” she said. By the time she was 14 years old, she won the Best Country Singer in Houston contest and recorded her first demo. She was well on her way. As a senior in high school Armiger became the first country singer to headline a national mall tour with stops in major cities across the country. “I don’t know one girl or guy who doesn’t love a mall,” Armiger shared. “I got to do two of my favorite things in the world: sing and shop.”

Though the balancing act of school and touring were tough, she managed it all by switching to home schooling and completing her education in an online program. Armiger also stayed in touch with friends. She even wrote “Best Song Ever” with her friends Amanda and Bruce while driving through Kentucky and listening to cheesy songs on the radio in a yellow jeep with the top down. “We heard all of these songs with fairy tale endings, but that’s not reality so we wrote ‘Best Song Ever’ sort of tongue and cheek. It was so much fun.”

Armiger’s uplifting vocals, creativity, friendliness and support system are only the beginning of the long list of qualities of the self-proclaimed “nice girl.” We can only hope Katie Armiger gets the fairy tale ending she’s earned. Listen to songs from Confessions of a Nice Girl and read lyrics below.

Christa Fletcher

“Best Song Ever”

“Kiss Me Now”

“Leaving Home”


Hometown: Sugarland, Texas

Current City: Nashville, Tennessee

Genre: Country

Album Release Date: October 5, 2010

Favorite Songs on the New Album: "Best Song Ever" and "Cry Cry Cry"

Fun Songwriting Moment: Driving across Kentucky with her friends Amanda Flynn and Bruce Wallace in Flynn's yellow jeep with the top down. They listened to the radio and wrote "Best Song Ever."


Lyrics for "Best Song Ever"
By Katie Armiger, Amanda Flynn, Bruce Wallace

Driving thru town
And I heard this song
You're coming back
and it won’t be long

You broke my heart
And made me cry
But according to this song
I'm gonna be alright

Yeah it said we'd always be together
Such a perfect fairy tale and you would never
Kiss my best friend
Kill my innocence
You're gonna love me forever
According to this song
According to the best song ever

I'm pretty sure
You're gonna say sorry
Cause the second verse
Said I don't have to worry

You're lost without me
And I've got proof
This pretty melody
Is telling me the truth


And I know how it goes
I'm not crazy
You still want me
Don't you baby

I'm on my way cuz I want you to hear
This love songs gonna dry your tears
I know inside you want me back
Now are prefect loves got a perfect soundtrack


Copyright © 2010 Purple Monkeys (SESAC), Miss Tomasina Songs/Miss Shaw Songs (BMI), Purple Cape Music/Ole (BMI) All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Lyrics for "Leaving Home"
By Katie Armiger, Sarah Buxton, Blair Daly

I put the locket that you gave me in a shoebox
With all my favorite high school pictures in a ziplock
So when I think about myself I know that I'm not
Thanks for the extra cash
Please take good care of dad
And I promise you I'll call along the way

Mamma don't you cry
I'm moving on but no this ain't goodbye
We might be miles apart
I'll carry you in my heart
I'll send you kisses on the phone
But mamma I'm leaving home

In only four months I'll be coming home for Christmas
I bet that all time will fly you know how it does
Maybe I'll go and find a nice guy and fall in love
I'll do my best to make you proud
Keep my room the same for now
Just in case these big ole dreams don't work out


We knew this day would come
And as bad as I want to hold on
We both know it's time to let go So let go


Copyright © 2010 Lily Road Music (BMI), We're Going To Maui Music (BMI), Internal Combustion Music (BMI), Southside Independent Music Publishing, LLC (BMI), Kickin Grids Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

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