Christa Fletcher
July 23, 2009
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Katie Costello


Katie Costello hails from Hermosa Beach, California where she collects pebbles on the beach, writes music and spends time at the library. When she’s not busy reflecting on life, “song-doodling,” she’s performing at clubs in New York and Los Angeles, where she receives great reviews for her vocals and songwriting.

Though she seems a little concerned about her physical stature, she’s quickly becoming a giant on the TV soundtrack scene. To date, her songs were featured on 90210, One Tree Hill and Private Practice. When she’s not performing at trendy clubs or music festivals, she likes to play at homes for the elderly.

With her passion, creativity and good-natured sarcasm, we’re sure Katie Costello will continue to rise as a colorful entity on the indie singer-songwriter scene.

Listen to some of her tracks below. And don’t miss out on our exclusive interview and photos!


Kaleidoscope Machine

Inside Out

I Cant Fix Us Two

Isn’t It Lovely



Name: Katie Costello

Title: Singer-Songwriter

Hobbies: Song-Doodling, Collecting Rocks, Spending Time at the Library, Reading Tween Dramedy novels...

Location: Hermosa Beach, California

Instruments: Piano, Vocals and Kazoo


Billie Holliday


Fiona Apple

New Buffalo

Bob Dylan


Colbie Caillat

Katie Herzig

Ingrid Michaelson

Sara Bareilles

Rachael Yamagata



One Tree Hill

Private Practice

KCRW (89.9 Santa Monica)

iTunes "Indie Artist Spotlight" (January 2009)

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