February 28, 2012
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Katie Herzig


Colorado-born, Nashville-based, singer-songwriter Katie Herzig recognizes the beauty of balance. She likes to tour, but she also appreciates time at home writing. She likes to write about relationships, but she also likes to widen the lens and talk about what’s going on in the world sometimes too. She loved playing with her band, but going solo has been great too.

The singer-songwriter got her start in music in high school, after recieving a guitar as gift. Throughout college and for a few years after, she was a part of Newcomers Home, but trips to Nashville during that time made her think that was where she should head to launch her solo career, which has meant four studio albums and one live, plus a numbers of songs on shows like One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars.

Her latest album, “The Waking Sleep,” which came out this fall, is pleasing pop that’s almost too thoughtful and sincere to call pop. Check out three tracks from the album here, and if you can, catch Katie live this spring when she’s on the road.

“Free My Mind”

“Lost and Found”

“Make a Noise”




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