January 5, 2014

Keeping Your Resolutions


Maggie: The New Year, a fresh start for a new you! Well, that is the plan anyway. But it often seems like New Year’s resolutions don’t last past January. Luckily, Keith Kocinski found the best ways to actually keep your resolutions in 2014.

New Years revelers: Happy New Year!

Keith: Goodbye 2013 and hello 2014! Wait… That means it is time to make some New Year’s resolutions, right?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year?

William: Yes.

Girl: I haven’t really given it any thought.

Boy: I haven’t made any. No.

Keith: A CBS News poll shows young people are the most likely group to make resolutions. Forty-six percent of Americans under thirty said they will make a change this year.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

William: To do more homework.

Boy: Ask a good question everyday.

Girl: To be healthier. I’m going to start going to the gym more.

Keith: So, what should I change this year? Hmmm… Eat healthier, that is it.

A new Harris Interactive poll shows some of the top resolutions include: eat healthier, get in shape, improve finances, stop procrastinating and manage stress.

Dr. Kathariya Mokrue: People like to start over, start fresh. You know, it’s a time to reflect back on what they didn’t like so much about the previous year and what they hope will be different for the next year.

Keith: But most won’t stick with it, so don’t judge me.

By the end of January, polls show just 64% of people are keeping their resolution. And by mid-year, that drops to less than half. So, how can you keep your New Year’s resolutions? First, make your goals realistic, only focusing on a few things.

Dr. Mokrue: Start with three to five – something manageable. There is a reason why you haven’t been able to stick to past resolutions. So let’s trim the number down a little bit and you will find that it’s a bit more manageable, it’s less scary to tackle.

Keith: Then set very specific goals. Instead of ‘eat healthier,’ try ‘eat more vegetables and cut sugar intake by half.’

Third, monitor your progress so you can see your success.

Dr. Mokrue: Teens today have their phones, they have computers, they have social networks that they can all use to keep them on track.

Keith: From calorie trackers to budgeting apps to relaxation techniques, there is an app for that.

Then be sure to gather support. When your friends and family are helping you, it is easier to meet your goal. Dr. Mokrue also says be patient.

Dr. Mokrue: Bad habits take a long time to develop, so to undue them will take a long time too.

Keith: And remember, it is okay to reward yourself when you meet your goals.

Keith Kocinski, Channel One News.

Maggie: Experts say if you fall off the wagon with your New Year’s resolution, don’t wait until next year to get back on. Start back up again immediately.

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  1. classe de seconde GT

    Dear Channel 1,
    This video item was very useful. It gave me some good ideas for my New Year Resolutions…I did not have before!
    The best one was to stop procrastinating because many people suffer from it!
    Best Regards,
    The students from 2nde GT Vic Bigorre in France


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