February 15, 2012
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Kicking Daisies


“It was sort of inevitable,” explained Kicking Daisies singer and guitarist Duran. “My dad is a drummer, and there are tons of guitars hanging on the walls at home and all of his equipment, so eventually I was going to pick it up.” That happened five or six years ago and it wasn’t long before he was writing his own songs. Then he met up with Ben, and they both found Caitlin on You Tube. When they realized the band needed a bassist, Caitlin’s sister Carly agreed to give it a try.

Their first year as a band, “was a developing year” Duran said. The next, they spent performing “in actual venues and some clubs” and then, it was on to reality TV. You might recognize this foursome from Disney’s up and coming artist competition, The Next Big Thing (which is not at all like the NBT at Channel One News!) which they won, leading to gigs opening for bands like Hanson and All Star Weekend.

They’re now releasing a five song EP. “Caitlin and Carly are the writers,” Duran shared, while he and Ben make the music happen, “fleshing out the skeleton of lyrics they come up with.” Now that the EP is out, they’re headed for the open road and a radio station tour — it seems this band is well on their way to living up to the NBT accolade. As for advice, Duran wants other musicians to remember that persistence is the key. “Everyone says that, but it’s really true. Everyone sucks at first, but the more you practice, the better you get.” The pay off is a great show, which Duran describes as something that can be “breathtaking” is well worth it.

“Big Bang Theory”

“Keeping Secrets”



"Breathing" Lyrics

I never left that day
Why did I push you away
I was losing from the start
And I would try to forget
All that had happened
Just to keep it all away

But I need you near me I...
Need you near me tonight

Just to keep me breathing
Just to keep me holding on
All I believed in
Keeps me from falling
I would always walk out
Hide from all the sorrow
Just to keep me breathing
It's you I hold onto, you

I never trust myself
With loving some one else
Afraid that I might feel pain
Why couldn't I give it a chance
If pain isn't love then what is?
It's hard to just let it all in


"Keeping Secrets" Lyrics

Something's gotta be wrong with you
I can't seem to read your mind
Is what they're saying really true?
Or is it just another lie?
Built up this wall just to tear it down
Was it worth your time?
Thanks to you things are different now
You have turned yourself around

How does it feel to be you?
You got your eyes closed
'Cause all you do is see you
But you'll never know

I caught myself from falling for you
I stopped myself from being used
I'll keep my secrets close
I'll keep my secrets from you
I'm not the one you thought you knew
This time the joke is all on you
I'll keep my secrets close
I'll keep my secrets from you

All is fair in love and war
I'll fight to even up the score
The rules are fair it's do or die
But knowing you you'll never try
You'll lie to me I'll lie to you
That's just what we do
I'll play this game to prove you wrong
So I can prove you're not the one

Oh you'll never know

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