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May 8, 2014

Kids Dare to Care


Shelby: A deadly fire that took the life of a mother and a child earlier this year inspired one young boy to do everything he could to stop it from happening again. Demetrius Pipkin has his story.

News anchor: A mother and her 6-year-old child are dead after an early morning house fire.

Demetrius: It was hard to understand what he was watching on the TV news – a deadly house fire in Texas. He couldn’t comprehend how the fire started, why the family who lived there couldn’t get out of the house, and why the house did not have a working smoke detector. But simply asking questions wasn’t enough for Hector Montoya. He wanted to change the answers, at least for the next time.

Hector Montoya: I was saving $300 for a PS4, but I thought saving a life was more important.

Demetrius: So Hector took his money that he had been saving for a new PlayStation and instead bought smoke detectors. And then with the help of the fire department in his town, Hector installed nearly a hundred of them. He put them in the homes of the elderly and people who reminded him of that story he watched on the news.

Monty Montoya: Hector is passionate about things, and when he gets it in his mind to do something, then he’s going to do it.

Demetrius: He was joined by not only his friends, but also adults, all volunteering to help many who watched the same story and asked the same questions. But it was Hector who had an answer that made sense to all of them.

Hector: It really hurts my heart to see people die in a fire. It really does.

Demetrius: Demetrius Pipkin, Channel One News.

Shelby: As you can probably tell, Hector is pretty passionate about this. And he wants to see it happen not just in his hometown of Grand Prairie, but everywhere in Texas. In fact he started an organization. And he calls it Kids Dare to Care.


One comment on “Kids Dare to Care

  1. Jaquarius Norman :)

    that’s very mature of him to take on responsibility and courage to do that i think that Fantastic :)


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