July 10, 2012
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Kimberly Caldwell


Kimberly Caldwell has been on stage since the age of five. And when you start out that young, you’re bound to have a few hiccups along the way — but her philosophy, and her album — is about living without regret. “I don’t call all of my mistakes regrets,” she explained when she stopped by our studio. “I call them learning lessons, which you should do as well.”

And since the best advice is usually spoken by people who are able to take it themselves, we’re listening to her on this one. She’s even made that philosophy the title of her album, “Without Regrets” (out April 11th!) which more than proves it. The album, which includes the tracks “Say Love,” “Hotter Without You,” and “Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys”which you can listen to here, were co-written by the Katy, Texas native and they include another piece of advice.

“Don’t ever make someone a priority who only makes you an option.” Sensing a theme here? Kim has five little sisters, so she’s had a lot of practice in the big sister role. With her experience and talent, she’s a big sister we’d be happy to have.


Meet me at the corner of hope and hopeless
To follow me I know a way out
It's your life
So try not to get stuck
In this crazy circus
Misery loves company
So let's dance until we die

Kiss kiss
Kiss tomorrow goodbye
This is gonna be a late night
Get get
Up and let it go
We've got the right to
Take this party over
Changing up the sound
Check your ego it's all a blur
Desperate boys and stupid girls


Same old destinations
We're all falling down
Like broken plastic wind-up toys
Desperate girls and stupid boys

Drawing just because
Are you even thirsty?
Into another conversation

You won't remember

Your desperation is not unique
Infatuation of the week
Your dedication to your drink
Spills over
Meet me at the corner of hope and hopeless
To follow me I know a way out

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