February 25, 2012
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Kimberly Nichole


When someone is raised singing in churches and for community groups in the heart of Seattle during the height of grunge-rock, she really has no choice but to become her own kind of singer, seamlessly melding those influences into something fresh and original. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a journey for the one-time first chair middle school clarinet player.

“Music is my love and my passion,” explained Kimberly Nichole in a phone interview. During college at Spelman in Atlanta, she starting singing at open mic nights. “I was so scared — I always brought along a group of girlfriends for support,” she shared. But with practice, she “grew more confident” and found the sound she’d been looking for. The next step came in the shape of a big poofy skirt. Her “best friend’s mother found a vintage dress and she created an outfit” for Nichole’s shows. When Vogue’s Andre Leon Talle saw her perform, he dubbed her a “rock ballerina, wild and wonderful.” And the rest is history.

Now in New York, writing music and performing regularly (she says that’s the best part) around the city and traveling, Kimberly Nichole is simply a talented force. Her advice for young musicians? “Experience things, become a well-round person to [stay] creative, and keep performing.”

“Crash and Burn”

“Johnny Come Lately”

“Little New Girl”

“Wishes in the Dark”




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