Labs Are Vital Educational Resources


Want more great resources to share with your students about Labs Are Vital and the video contest? You’re in the right place. Explore this page for links and lessons plans you can use in the classroom generously provided by Michigan State University and America’s Blood Centers.

Tools for Teachers

Laboratory Tour and Career Presentations

Show your students a ‘day in the life’ of a lab science professional, a histology and cytology lab tech, or someone who works in a genetic testing lab. Find customizable powerpoints that look at the daily activities of different types of medical laboratories here.

When your class is ready for some hands on lab work, check out the complete “ready to use” Urinalysis Lesson here. Plus, you can find more lesson plans linked to science standards with mock-up urine recipes, objectives, lecture presentation, laboratory exercise and student activity handouts here.

“My Blood, Your Blood” is a 33-minute video broken up into three segments and available through Channel One Connection. Click here for available lesson plan support with background information, activities, presentation material and worksheets.

Student Activities

Share these pages with your students so they can explore the lab sciences on their own with activities including a Career Interest Survey to find out if the laboratory is right for them.

They can also have a little fun with laboratory-oriented games including “microbe zoo” and a blood type calculator.

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