May 18, 2012

Lady Antebellum Live


Jessica: Not everyone can see Grammy Award-winning Lady Antebellum play live. But that is what students from Henryville High School in Indiana wanted. Just a little something positive after their school and town was destroyed in a tornado last March.

The students had the chance, after the country music group announced an online contest offering to play at the prom of some lucky high school. Henryville High decided to go for it.

Ty Griffin: I’m submitting this YouTube video on behalf of the entire student body, faculty and staff and our awesome community.

Jessica: Others joined in — one from a hospital bed.

“And I should be walking by then. But I think you have a great opportunity and could help a lot of people.”

Jessica: But it was videos from students who attend schools other than Henryville High School that made the biggest impact. Like this one from Henryville High’s local rival, Silver Creek High.

“We love you, Lady Antebellum. But we love Henryville High School even more. Own the night with Henryville High School.”

Lady Antebellum: To see all those high schools on behalf of Henryville — it just touched us.

Jessica: Lady Antebellum picked Henryville High. And this week, the students were treated to a private concert.

Kate Beeler: The night’s been great! It’s awesome! So many people have done this for us.

Jessica: The rivals from Silver Creek High — now allies — were also invited.

Brian Ashabranner: It’s just amazing! It just started with a video, and now we’re here! It’s unbelievable how big it’s turned into.

Jessica: In the end, everyone in Henryville was a winner.  Lady Antebellum helped raise $235,000 — money that will help rebuild the tornado-hit town.

Josh, back to you.


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