March 1, 2012
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Langhorne Slim


When we spoke to singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim a few weeks ago, the band had just arrived in Boulder, Colorado as a part of their “never-ending tour.” The good news is that he easily admitted that for him, touring all the time was just fine. “I love it. It’s where I feel most at home,” he explained.

“I started playing guitar around 13 or 14, but I always wanted to create something, even when I was very young. At that time, I was doing a lot of theater. I learned to play a few Nirvana songs from a cousin, and I eventually started changing things around and writing my own stuff.” In college, he “got a lot of experience playing open mics — I had a lot of support from teachers. My family was happy I found something I was good at.” He has been at it since then, based in a few different places including Portland, Oregon, but mostly on the road. “We travel seven to eight months a year.”

The new album, The Way We Move, is the first with this particular lineup, but with all the travel, they’ve “grown really tight.” The songs are “about what goes on in everyone’s life — life, love, the good, the bad.” When writing, “I put together a basic structure and then we flesh it out together.” Influences include Bob Dylan and Otis Redding, but he also admires Mohammed Ali (hence the boxing on the album cover) and Salvador Dali. As for what’s next — “you never know what’s gonna come” but they’re going to keep touring. It’s just what he does.

“I would have been miserable if I forced myself to do something else.” If anyone has that same need to create something, he says, “you owe it to yourself to follow it. Not everyone is born with that feeling of ‘I need to do this,’ but if you have that calling, nurture it. Making art — making music — is important.”

“Bad Luck”

“Just a Dream”

“The Way We Move”

“Two Crooked Hearts”




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