February 4, 2013
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Legend of the Fall


A lot has happened since we last featured pop-alternative band Legend of the Fall. They’ve filmed a reality show and gotten a record deal, but they’ve also been put in a holding pattern for a year on the show and gotten out of their record contract. And during their long break, they’ve written up a storm and self-produced an album from the songs they created while they were waiting. More on that story in a bit.

Here’s what you should know about what happened before. By 2007, the band had released three EPs since 2007. Lead singer Levi Alam shared some insight on his band of brothers, JD Alam (Vocals, Guitar), Skyler Alam (Drums, Vocals), Madison Alam (Bass, Vocals) and Casey Jones Alam (Guitar, Vocals) from Ridgefield Park, NJ then. The fivesome begin playing concerts across New Jersey, but the Alams not only grew up with music, playing in a band is in their blood.

“I’ve always been into music,” said Levi Alam. Dad got me a keyboard when I was really little and it started escalating from there. I started writing songs. My oldest brother, JD always wanted a band and soon I was literally writing songs every day.” Levi remembered the JD’s reaction when he came home to tell his brothers about a gig they had booked: “I know we don’t really have a band, but we have a show.”

In July 2010, the band released their album Sell Outs, a collection peppered with pop-infused tracks that mix themes of hope and humor. “Every song that we write has some sort of meaning. Even if it’s silly,” said Levi. “Everything is true and has a purpose. And maybe that purpose is to make someone laugh.” When we caught up with JD a few weeks ago, he echoed that sentiment, but explained that the band had also matured. Their new release “How We Got There” is about their experience of the past of couple years. “We had a year to record this time — and we took our time. It’s really matured and focused, with a lots of orchestral parts included strings.”

Now, they’re focused on picking up some momentum, “playing every few months,” in New Jersey. All the tracks they chose for this album “are catchy — I’m proud of that” shared JD. “I think the main thing is to have a positive attitude,” he shared. “You hear a lot of stories about musicians that had bad luck, but they still managed to make it. You have to be happy that you’re on stage.” Listen to songs and check out photos of the band below.


“How We Got There”


“That 60s Song”

“I Know”

“Step Up”





J.D. Alam -- guitar/vocals

Skyler Alam -- drums/vocals

Levi Alam -- keys/vocals

Madison Alam -- bass/vocals

Casey Jones Alam -- guitar/vocals


The name Legend Of The Fall came from an all night session of sitting around the kitchen table brainstorming. "Our dad said how about Legend of the Fall?" says Skyler. "We decided to take all of the names that we had come up with and put them in a hat. We then prayed and pulled out a piece of paper and it said Legend of the Fall. Well it was Legend of a Fall, but we changed it because if we used the first letters, we didn't wanna be called LOAF."

"We're very big on meaning," adds JD. "The one thing we promised each other is we'll never let go of the fact that everything needs to have purpose. We don't do empty meaningless music, so we knew we needed a meaning behind our name. People say that the story of Daniel is just a legend and that Adam and Eve are just stories of Jewish legend. So, we connected it to the fall of man to show that people will consider it to be Legend of the Fall."


With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Panic At The Disco to Paramore, the band also credits their dad as their biggest influence and the reason they became a band.

"Our dad was in a band with his brothers when they were younger," says JD. "There was only three of them and they were 80's classic rock type stuff. Watching them when we were young, it just felt like that's what we were gonna grow up to do. We didn't really think of making it or not but we just somehow knew that we were destined to grow up to be musicians."

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