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With the economic downturn, library use is up as much as 10% in some communities.

Unfortunately, in recent years library budgets have been slashed, leaving libraries stretched with fewer hours of operation, staffers, and materials for people to borrow.

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"My mom has always taken me and my brother to the public library since we were little -- going there has just become a habit of ours."

- Tiana (12), NC


"I go to the library every Saturday. I love it there. I can't go any other time because of school."

- Michael, (16), FL


"I usually read are graphic novels and usually libraries don't have them -- but now my friends found a library nearby that has more graphic novels that i can read in a year. I usually get through four a week now."

- Brian (15), DE


"I already go to the library about once a week but now I'm getting more books I haven't read before instead of re-reading my favorites."

- Katy (15), NC


"Our library has already had a hang out spot which is very fun -- we can play games and hang out with our friends plus it gets us away from our parents for a couple of hours."

- Taylor (14), OH


"The library is a good place for me to get away from stress."

- Chris (17), OK


"I think that is good to have libraries like these because then it inspires people to go to the library more and helps out a lot of people by letting them do all of these things for free. It inspires me to go to the library more often too!"

- Costa (15), VA

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