April 27, 2011

Living on the Border


The ongoing battle against drug cartels in the towns and cities along the Mexican border has grown increasingly violent since 2007 when Mexican President Felipe Calderón began a campaign against the traffickers there.

Click on the interactive map below to see where the cartels are most active in the United States, and check back to see all of our reports on the volatile border region.

Mexicos War on Drugs

See how much you know about Mexican drug cartels, trafficking and the history of this dangerous problem.


The US uses drones to watch border illegal activity from the sky.


After crossing the border for a party in Juarez, three were shot.

Steven Fabian examines the effects Mexican cartels are having in American communities.

Reporter Steven Fabian investigates drug trafficking in Juarez, Mexico and gets a deeper understanding of ...

Find out how the drug cartels work and how they affect defense policies and funding ...

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