Karen Knapstein
August 30, 2013

Looney Tunes

Did you know not everyone everywhere has access to the internet all the time? (Of course you did. In theory…)

Well, a new idea from the search engine that loves a good doodle has a new rhyme on the horizon — Google balloons — a.k.a. Project Loon.

The giant balloons are more than 50 feet in diameter and are launched into the stratosphere. Once there, they sail about on air currents, connecting with each other and eventually, some serious WiFi. They’re currently being tested in New Zealand (Hobbit alert!) and can provide a connection to about 25 miles of ground.

So is this idea the next big way to log on to to vote on the next big thing? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think — and be sure leave a comment telling us why!

34 comments on “Looney Tunes

  1. Tyler Lease

    I think it is the next big thing, but I think we should deal about world hunger before we worry about everyone having internet.

    1. Justin

      That is TOTTALLY the truth and we need to be more social and the ballons would keep us texting and playing on the inernet more often once they spread

    2. Charlie Fedler

      It’s not our job to tell google what to do. While we may think that there are other priorities, google is doing it because they make money off of it, and people get Internet. So I like it.

  2. Caleb

    I think it’s a great idea..! the same time some of these countries will have Internet but they still have to walk how many miles for water?? someone fix that

  3. Justin

    I think it is pretty cool but there are sooooo, many other things we really need to work on espeacially the economy and envirnment

  4. Alise Stephens

    I think internet balloons are the next big thing! this could help the countries that don’t have internet. Google will be helping all the people who have never had internet before.

  5. Tatum Rausch

    I think this is a great idea. Some students need internet to do homework, but don’t have internet to do it. This would give them the opportunity to get a good grade.

  6. Anyssa Shultz

    I think tis is a great way for people who need internet but don’t have it, can get internet. This also can be helpful in many ways

  7. Shealyn

    I think it is the next big thing cause now even the amish can have internet or electricity! They don’t have light or anything!!! :0 :D

  8. jailyn

    some people are just to attached to put their phone or laptop down and this will just encourage them to play some more

    1. 2013-9-4-Nikki-Sheets

      That is THEIR choice. This is AMAZING people! If you don’t realize it, you need to get yourself to a doctor. This can CHANGE mankind forever!

  9. kateynet

    i do agree with the lonney tunes i think that everybody should have internet i dont think it is fair for some people to have internet and not other people…….country boy told me to say that he does agree with this idea because he thinks it is out of this world……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  10. billy bob joe and the shela bela

    hey its shela!!! i think that this is really awesome and that the invinter will be really rich! i am sad to say that I dont agree with this and that we should foucs more on our enviroment and our society rthaer than this!

  11. 2013-9-4-Nikki-Sheets

    I think this could be the next big thing. I can think of 100 times when I’m on a road trip and I want to play a game, and I can’t because internet connection is required. This would make communication spread amazingly.

  12. The Swag Meister

    I can think of times when I could be on a trip to somewhere and wanted to check something on my iPod but not having internet connection. This would be very helpful.

  13. Lauren

    Most people now don’t have internet access to use. I think that it is important to have wifi to use, because now simply everything is on the computer. By sending this balloon into the air it will give people that don’t have wifi internet to use!

  14. Hayley Tesseneer

    I think it would be a big yes because a lot of the people around the world don’t have internet and if we had these people everywhere would be able to use them and be able to get on the internet and check it out.


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