Karen Knapstein
March 30, 2014
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Lovey James

Portland, Oregon based-singer Lovey James first took the stage as a competitive dancer. She started signing because her dance teacher had been on Broadway, and she was working her way into becoming a triple threat – a dancer, singer and actor – but somewhere along that path singing really took hold.

James shared, “I was in the Portland version of American Idol, called Teen Idol, and through that I met producer who was a judge in the competition. So that was my opening, and it’s been a journey since then.”

Since she had started with her eye on Broadway, her style had to shift. “I really didn’t sing pop music until I started performing at contests, “ she explained. “After Portland Idol I recorded my first single ‘Right Now.’”

And if shifting from Broadway to pop was a change for her, taking it from the stage to the recording studio was a whole other level. “It’s really different. I was used to covers, but my producers in Portland know how to make me sound good,” she laughed.

Right now, she’s working on an EP, due to be released this summer, but in the meantime she’s got singles coming out and lots of touring. “March is my busiest this year,” and that includes a show in Florida that’s the “biggest venue I’ll ever have played.” It’s also some of her first experiences playing with a band. For James, performances are all about “connecting with an audience.”

“It’s important to be yourself and not let anyone change you. If you stand up for yourself and your values, people will support you for it.”

Check out tracks from her single releases and upcoming EP below, and find out where to catch one of her shows on her website.

“Just So”

“Who You Are”

“Nothing Can Stop Me”




27 comments on “Lovey James

  1. Jordan Jones

    Please..please stop. You are the worst singer my class and I have ever heard and you have given us all brain cancer. In particular ‘Nothing Can Stop Me’ is so terrible i felt like blowing up a children’s hopsital. This is worse than Rebbecca Black.

    1. SoSo

      Obviously you nuts. You don’t like the song and you mentioned blowing up a Children’s Hospital. What is wrong with you?

      1. Tashena

        I agree!! Be happy for her! I like your music, she didn’t make that song for you to like it! Have a Great day!(:

  2. brandt riggs

    Why do u want to lie to the whole world. If u dont have anything nice to say you need to keep your mouth shut!!!

  3. LOVEY JAMES is awesome

    you r an awesome singer and I love your songs they r just so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jessica

    Not only do I love these songs but also how Lovey James is so inspirational to all of my nieces and teaches them that it is so worth it to be chasing your dreams and to love who you are! Great role model!

  5. Jocelyn

    Omg! I love lovey james! She’s my idol! She is such an amazing person and such an inspiration to me! I’ve met her once and I’ve gone to two of the concerts she had in Portland! I wish I could meet her again because she is just such an amazing person and that’s why she should win!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jocelynlovescheer

    This is my second time just because I love her so much! She is so amazing and such an inspiration to me and I just want to meet her again sooooooo bad and she should win artist of the year for a million reasons!!!! #dove

  7. damnst

    She’s so perfect. OMG I love her :* Soooo Much. Create a fan account on instgram, twitter
    To support this amazing girl :) and dont forget to vote every single day ! ! ! ! !


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