October 5, 2011

Lunch’d: Part Two

Find out what happened when the lunch line gets redesigned.

Steven: Alright. Lunch is over and now it is time to ambush the students and break the news that we have been spying on them and there are hidden cameras in their lunchroom. Follow me.

Alright, everybody! Stop, listen up, listen up! I need everybody’s attention. There are hidden cameras all throughout your lunchroom right now. There is a hidden camera in this hat. I have got a hidden camera in this water bottle right here. Yeah, I will show you. And guess what? We have been spying on you guys to see what you are eating for lunch. We are going to show everyone hidden camera video of Samantha from the first day we filmed her so they can see if she fell for our prank and chose better food.

Steven: Are you embarrassed right now?

Samantha: Yes!

Steven: There she is getting her tray.

Samantha: Oh my god!

Steven: She grabbed a sandwich, an Arizona iced tea, an orange juice and she got the cookie.

So, Samantha, this time, you didn’t get a cookie and you got fruit instead. So, why did you get the fruit this time? Why do you think?

Samantha: I don’t know.

Steven: Samantha isn’t the only one who got tricked.

Did you guys notice anything different about the lunch line?

Student: The fruit looks way better than it normally does.

Student: Normally it looks gross and you don’t want to eat it.

Steven: But the cafeteria manager says it is the same fruit they have every day.

How did it look today?

Student: Good and fresh.

Brian: This was an unbelievable success. I mean, fruit increased by 102%. That’s unbelievable! Simply by putting it in a nice bowl.

Steven: The sweet drinks were also harder to get to and these teens fell right into our trap. Last time they grabbed Gatorade, Snapple, and Arizona iced tea. But not this time.

Marci: The water was in front, so I just grabbed it.

Steven: Sales of sugary drinks plunged 17% while purchases of easy-to-reach milk soared 46%.

Brian: Whatever was easiest to reach was good enough for them. That was enough to get them to change.

Steven: Another hit: the big, bad bean burrito sold out for the first time ever.

Brian: It’s the exact same burrito that’s been sold here for the last twenty years. In fact, it might be the same burrito because they never sold it until now. But simply giving it a name really got people’s imagination and they loved it.

Steven: But some parts of the experiment didn’t work.

So, what were some of the losers?

Brian: We thought we were going to sell a lot of California blend — that vegetable, broccoli, cauliflower mix. But instead of increasing by 30%, it actually decreased by 30%.

David: We were off by about 100%.

Steven: But they were right about teens like Marci. Her switch from Arizona iced tea to water slashed 260 calories from her lunch. And Samantha cut even more by trading a cookie for fruit.  Adding a piece of fruit and maybe eliminating a cookie every day over time can lead to some good changes.

Brian: Huge changes. I mean, a child eliminating, say, a 300 calorie cookie every day and getting an apple instead is going to be losing the equivalent of about 20% over the course of a year.

Steven: Marci and Samantha aren’t the only ones who cut calories. The professors say on average, students’ plates and trays this time around contained about 18% fewer calories, and they made healthier choices.

And what did the students think about our lunch time prank?

A lot of you guys made healthy choices today. Do you think we tricked you guys?

Student: We got lunch’d!

Steven: Alright, the day is over. It is mission accomplished here at the cafeteria at Boynton Middle School. My lunch man days? They might be over for now, but you never know, we could be coming to your school next!



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