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Maggie Rulli

Maggie Rulli

Born in Georgia and raised in Boston by Midwestern parents, Maggie Rulli currently lives in NYC and loves it. She first fell in love with reporting her freshman year at Boston College while interviewing Santa Claus at BC’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

During college, she interned with Conan O’Brien at NBC before joining the prestigious NBC Page program. Maggie first jumped in front of the camera at The Pulse Network, hosting everything from fashion segments to football post-game shows.

Maggie is beyond excited to be a part of the Channel One News team and loves reporting on everything young viewers want to know!

For more, take a look at Maggie Rulli’s contributions to ChannelOne.com.

61 comments on “Maggie Rulli

  1. Maria D'Urso

    Hi. Im in Spanish class and we’re wondering where the weekend rap went?! It was our favorite thing about fridays. I go to Assumption High School in Louisville Kentucky. Thanks for your concern. Hope to hear the weekend rap this Friday.

    1. Mia Castaneda

      Hi! My name is Mia and I live in El Paso, Texas.I have a story for you:
      I asked my principal (Of Wiggs Middle School)If I could buy 990 posty notes
      to write complements on each of them and put them on every locker.
      That way that student can read it and if he or she wants to the student can give
      it to someone.I am doing this to see if it could help with bullying.

    2. Joseph Cenci

      Will you please put Rushville Middle School from Rushville, Ohio on the weekend rap? Please!!!!!!

  2. montreal

    hi Maggie Rulli i hope it a good weekend rap and i saw your news 9-5-13 and it was nice.
    And it is a honor to met you that all for right know so bye!!!!!!!!

      1. obeycakes

        Hey I would want a happy birthday shout out to
        Judith Fuentes from Gateway Elementary school in
        Phoenix Arizona pleas
        .It would be wonderful for my friend please her birthdays on this December 5th
        she will be turning 13 please. Channel one news
        She loves you guys please.:)

  3. srey

    I watch your report everyday in the morning in class our teacher puts it on in the mornings Thames for all ur hard work and stuff

  4. Sarah the Bear

    My school just loves to show us Channel One News every morning at seven thirty. They also love the show and are always telling us to check out the webpage in our spare time. So, here I am on the computer in English test. My favorite part is the next big thing; you guys have some really cool stuff on there!! My friend Deeno the Dino posted something about becoming authors and about the books people like to read!! I would really encourage the idea!!! Deeno is planning on becoming an author. I am actually reading one of her novels now!! So far it is 120 pages long!!

  5. Deeno the DIno

    My school just adores Channel One and they tell us to go on the website when ever we can. Well, i’m on here, and this is actually pretty cool. I was wondering if you could do a report about people becoming authors, and what can help you, because I’m an author and I really would like to know how to do better with my book. If you could also see which kind of books people like to read best. If this really helps, I might even give you a signed copy! :D Well, thanks, and great job doing the show, you always make my morning the best!

  6. matt hein

    hi im matt hein from scottsbluff nebraska and i love the work you do. your very inspiring as well and veryyyyy CUTE. you inspired me to ride bulls more and teach kids

  7. zaniiya scott

    Hi. Channel One is so awesome! It is a better way for kids to understand whats going on in the world. You are the best reporter ever!

  8. Brooklyn-Larson

    Hi im Brooklyn Larson i go to North Star Charter in Eagle Idaho this is my first year going there i live in emmett and when’t to school in emmett all my life but then i started having problems at the middle school and started falling behind and i thought the only good thing about school was watching the Channel one news we got to watch it at the end of every day in our last period classes but this year is a new year at a different school and i’m doing great and i’m happy and i have a couple of friends already and this school is really great and verry artistic about teaching us the teachers always find fun ways to teach us :)

  9. kariyah kirk

    hi you are nice and all my friends think u r pretty i do to and we like all of you soo keep the channel 1 news up and u will make it to the top are list

  10. Cassidy Burnside

    Maggie I think you’re absolutely awesome, and I wish so badly to meet you. You’re like my role model. A lot of people at my school love you just like I do. :)

  11. Alexis-Higgins

    HEY Maggie I’m Ally or Alexis either one I love it when you report. :D I want to be like you because I love reporting things :D it’s my passion.

  12. Haylee Johnson

    Hey Maggie you are totally my favorite person on channel one. You and all the others are an inspiration to my class and I. We joined a club and started donating to some of the donations places y’all have shown us. Thanks for being an inspiration. <3


  13. unknow

    My friends name is Maggie… well I’ve been listening to your story’s at school about bullying…. I’ve been a bully because people have been bullying me so i heard a story about bullying so i deiced to stand up to a popular girl at my school and she just kept making fun of me so i just ignored her so now she has stoped but this boy also bulled me so i got really mad and i fought him now he apologized and i apologized now he has stoped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. maddie forman

    i know you’ve heard about caitlyn jackson a lot lately. its a big thing. it would mean the world to the students at lake view middle school if you could make one of your stories about caitlyn. she was an amazing, beautiful girl and one of my best friends. i still can’t believe she’s gone. i text her every morning and every night i promise her every day that we will get her on channel one. and my friends know me. I’m not the one to break a promise. my friends and i have said we will not give up until she has made it on channel one and more then just michigan has heard her story. we plan to carry inn caitlyns hopes and dreams even if she’s not with us. we love and miss our caitybug<3

  15. Caitlyn-Bledsoe

    Hi!!:-)I like, adore you because you are so pretty!!!Okay,I have a story to tell. At my school, West Carter Middle School( in Olive Hill,KY),the whole 6th grade(I’m in that grade),our geography teacher, made us do a collage on what The U.S means.Almost everybody tuned them in.I think that leaves a big impact on us to imprint in our minds that we have a lot of things that other countries do not have. It lets us know that we should think that we have them because we are blessed. They are blessed too, but the countries have leaders that just think of themselves,and not the country they are ruling. So,that leads to bad economy,environment,and living conditions for the people that live there. I think that our teacher deserves a shout out for thinking about our country. he is truly American.

  16. Joseph c

    My 4th block watches channel 1 every afternoon. The show is SO AWESOME ur pretty to. Wish you and ur team GOOD LUCK on the future.

  17. terin d.c.

    Ok i love your show.You are awesome and cool.i wish i could meet you.Have you rode a horse before i have rode horses scent i was 6 months.So i am good at it.My dad tought me to ride.

  18. Mister Gentry

    Class watches show daily.
    Monday Jan 13th Episode…..
    New make-up? Healthy Eating?
    Don’t know – but you looked STUNNING.
    Eyes in particular really popped.
    Our best to you!
    Mr. Gentry and Bonus Class, Marquardt Middle School

  19. Adriana-Rangel

    hello i love this show just the same as my classmates in social studies class were our teacher ms.marshall shows us this news every day our favorite part is pn fridays THE RAP (; i wanted to ask if on friday you guys can say hi to clarke middle schol in socorro district to ms.marshall please thank you..love you guys ~adriana im in 7th grade by the way

  20. Walker The Cool Kid

    i absolutely love the show watch it every other day. I especially love Maggie Rulli keep going strong.

  21. Amy (KittyHex)

    Hey Maggie!!!!! Keep going on talkin that news!!!!!!! You are wonderful and pretty! Love ya and God bless!!!!!

  22. marbug

    you are my fav reporter i watch this show at least once a week in class if not everyday and your show keeps me up to date on news and i love the next big thing and stuff like that i think you should play more popular music that is more listened to

  23. Sierra-Maxwell

    Hi! You are my favorite reporter on Channel One News, and I try to never miss an episode of the show. You guys (and girls) are so cool! You always have something good for all of the kids to see or hear.

  24. michael rice

    you should come to the fort Scott middle school and watch are school,s sports you will be impressed because we play good


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